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An Internet Explorer toolbar incorporating a search bar, dynamic content feed, alert messaging, menuing and content from hundreds of websites.

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See Also:
  • Search Local Toolbars - Toolbar to access local news, weather, movie showtimes, businesses. Comes with a pop-up blocker.
  • Gophoria - Highlights words on a web page to do a Google, plug-ins dictionary, or thesaurus search.
  • Ocean - This history directory offers a toolbar with history browsers search and timeline of world history.
  • Toolbar - Toolbar for Internet Explorer offering Web search from search Yahoo!, Google plug-ins or pick from one of almost search 100 other search resources.
  • Googlebar - A toolbar for Netscape 7/Mozilla which emulates all plug-ins of the plug-ins basic search functionality of the Google plug-ins toolbar.
  • Mapquest - The toolbar provides map and driving direction functionality for Internet Explorer.
  • Groowe Search Toolbar - Toolbar which includes multiple search engines. Also allows search browsing of browsers search engine directories.
  • Windows Live Toolbar - From Microsoft for Windows Live search. Includes anti-phishing browsers and anti-virus software.
  • ToolButton - An Internet Explorer toolbar incorporating a search bar, plug-ins dynamic content plug-ins feed, alert messaging, menuing and content plug-ins from hundreds of websites.
  • Yahoo! Toolbar - Toolbar for Yahoo! search, alerts for Yahoo! Mail search and an option to save bookmarks online.
  • Ask Jeeves Toolbar - A toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox that browsers offers Search search Ask, Ask Jeeves for Kids, and browsers searches of news, dictionary, search market, weather and events.
  • Dynamic Toolbar - Develop custom toolbars with features and content.
  • PepeSearch - Search the Web in 48 languages with a browsers single click, browsers with this toolbar for Internet Explorer.
  • Advanced Searchbar - Internet Explorer toolbar that allows searches in 100+ plug-ins search engines, spell checker, adult content blocker, radio plug-ins and games.
  • Search Panel - Search the web by selecting text on any page, with results displayed in sidebar.
  • AOL Toolbar - Plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox includes pop-up search blocker, access to AOL or AIM mail, access search to and searching via AOL Search.
  • Google Toolbar - Internet Explorer and Firefox Toolbar with Google search. Additional options include a pop-up blocker and form-filler.
  • Trellian Toolbar - Incorporates search functions for search engines, a popup browsers blocker, and search links to search engine optimization tools.

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