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An IE 4+ plugin that creates automatically passwords to the sites visited. Use one master password to login all of password protected sites.

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  • AdKiller - Gets rid of banner ads on web sites.
  • Adobe Shockwave/Flash Players - Views rich-media content on the web including animations, interactive presentations, and online entertainment. Free.
  • DepthCharge - Views stereoscopic 3d images. Free.
  • Password Scrambler - An IE 4+ plugin that creates automatically passwords to the sites visited. Use one master password to login all of password protected sites.
  • Snippets - Extracts web page elements from multiple pages, making them accessible via smart icons on a toolbar. Free.
  • Beatnik - Allows user to listen to high-quality, interactive music browsers and sound effects. Free.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader - Views .PDF files. Free.
  • FoxyTunes - Controls media players without leaving the browser.
  • Vdraft - Views AutoCAD .DXF and .SVF drawings.
  • Image Co-Tracker - Helps user create and manage collections of images plug-ins from web pages. IE 5 or above only. plug-ins Free.
  • iComment - An extension that allows users to share comments www directly on plug-ins any web page with other iComment www users.
  • Tcl Plugin - Runs Tcl/Tk scripts. Free.
  • Sun's Java Plug-in - Runs Java applets and JavaBeans using Sun Microsystem\\'s browsers Java 2 www Runtime Environment, instead of the web browsers browser\'s default virtual machine. www Free.
  • Pluck - A tool that automatically retrieves RSS headlines and articles from sites and blogs and delivers results for scanning and customized sorting.
  • Plugger - Streams multimedia for UNIX Netscape 3.0 or later. www Handles Quicktime, www MPEG (audio and video), AVI, MIDI, www MOD, and many other www audio formats. Free.
  • netXtract - Indexes documents on-the-fly and displays the context of any word. Jump to the exact location of the most relevant text. Save information to netXtract\\'s desktop Knowledge Base Manager for future, meaningful use. IE only. Free.
  • ieSpell - Spell checker add-on for Internet Explorer that spell plug-ins checks text input boxes on a webpage.
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar - Browser add-on for finding and sharing web sites with like-minded www people. Compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
  • AI RoboForm - Offers program that fills web forms and remembers browsers passwords in plug-ins multiple languages.
  • WhenUShop - Provides information about shopping sites, including contact information, shipping costs, browsers return policies, coupons, deals, ratings, and security.
  • Cooliris - Browser plugin that provides a visual wall-of-pictures method plug-ins for browsing and searching the web. Includes overview, plug-ins details of features, list of supported sites, download, plug-ins and information for developers.

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