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Context menu item starts an option screens allowing adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness and zoom on a single image displayed using IE. Trial.

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See Also:
  • Yet Another Tool Bar - Toolbar allowing searches on search engines, amazon, ebay, etc. Free.
  • Semantic Web Project's Annotation System - Attach comments, explanations, questions, references or any other add-ons type of browsers remark to a web page. Open add-ons source.
  • Browser Buddy - Three utilities. A keywords highlighter, a selection highlighter browsers and a internet explorer text magnifier to zoom selected text. browsers Free.
  • febooti ieZoom - Zoom functions, color picker for page creation, window add-ons size presets, internet explorer custom skins, shortcuts and layout. Trial.
  • Kyb IE GetEmAll - Grabs selected links and creates a list to browsers browse offline internet explorer later. Trial.
  • CrispyPix - Context menu item starts an option screens allowing adjustment of brightness, contrast, sharpness and zoom on a single image displayed using IE. Trial.
  • IEInspector - DOM Inspector - Inspect and edit the Document Object Model (DOM) of any web document. Trial.
  • Hot Lingo - Check spelling of anything you type in a browsers web page internet explorer form. Trial.
  • Save Page IE Shortcut Keys - Save single page and keep options used. Grab internet explorer and add-ons navigate pages using shortcut keys from Internet internet explorer Explorer. Free.
  • IOSurf - Allows users surfing a website to chat with other users of IOSurf who are visiting the same website at the same time. Free.
  • Searchy - Use an abbreviation in the address bar to add-ons search directly browsers in a search engine. Adds registry add-ons entries. Free.
  • Picture Tools - Adds two buttons on IE\\'s buttons toolbar which add-ons browse or add-ons download all pictures from a page. add-ons Free.
  • Quero Toolbar - Replacement address bar with search features. Flash and browsers Pop-Up Blocker. browsers Free.
  • SmartWIE - Extracts the text from a webpage. Trial.
  • Allmyfavorites - Add current page to an online favorites list. add-ons Requires registration browsers with email. Free.
  • ThumbBot - Display page with zoomable thumbnails of all pictures on a add-ons site. Single toolbar button. Free.
  • My Favorites - Launch favourites or a group of favourites from an icon add-ons in the tray. Purchase option only (no trial).
  • Iksanika Bookmark Toolbar - Creates bookmarks to remember a place within the browsers text of a page. Free.
  • BrandBar - Company which creates customized toolbars. Commercial service.
  • Radio Internet - Gives access to on-line radio stations for a browsers selected country. Add stations and make play lists. browsers Free.
  • MyDealShopper Toolbar - Lists special offers from specific sites based on contents page displayed. Free.
  • AddaButton - Add custom buttons to the IE standard buttons toolbar. Buttons added can launch any program. Free. Packaged with adware.
  • Girafa - Shows thumbnail previews of web sites while searching. browsers Free.
  • ABC Shortcuts - 26 alphabetical buttons for groups of bookmarks and browsers grouped site history. Free.
  • VoiceSearchBar - Speak the keywords to be searched in Google. browsers Free.
  • Incredi IE Manager - Popup blocker. Spelling check. Window maximizer. Free.
  • DebugBar - Make screenshots and send them by email. Show DOM tree, CSS stylesheet, javascript code and HTTP headers. Javascript debugger. Trial requires email registration.
  • ShaPlus Google translator - Quick translation of selected text using the Google translation service. Free.
  • WinThemes Toolbars - Streaming media, search, news and screenshot toolBars from internet explorer maker of active desktop software, WinThemes. Free.

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