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The Virtual Reality Modeling Language is the international standard for interactive 3D on the Web. It has been superseded by X3D, the largely back-compatible successor to VRML. VRML Browser plugins allow you to view VRML content through your web browser.

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See Also:
  • Cosmo Player for Windows and Mac - Supports VRML97. This site hosts the Windows and clients Mac OS browser plugins classic versions.
  • FreeWRL - An Open Source browser (GNU LGPL). Supports VRML97 including scripting browser plugins and EAI, and X3D. Available for Linux, MacOS X, IRIX browser plugins and other Unix-style platforms.
  • VRML Browser and Plugin Detector (X3D Too) - The VRML Plugin and Browser Detector determines which browser plugins VRML or X3D plugin is configured to work browser plugins with your web browser.
  • Cortona - Supports VRML97 plus the Amendment 1 extensions such clients as Nurbs (curved surfaces) and GeoVRML. Available for clients Windows and Mac (Classic and OS X).
  • SimVRML - An Open Source browser (GNU GPL/LGPL). Supports VRML97. browser plugins Available clients for Mac OS X.
  • OpenVRML - A free VRML/X3D runtime that includes a plug-in vrml for Mozilla vrml Gecko-based Web browsers.
  • Flux Player - Supports VRML97 plus Amendment 1, the Full X3D clients profile and clients MPEG-4/BIFS. From Tony Parisi, one of clients the inventors of VRML. clients Available for Windows.
  • BS Contact - The latest release of the player previously known as Blaxxun vrml Contact. Supports VRML97 and X3D Core, plus extensions for multi-user vrml avatar worlds, NURBS, anti-aliasing, BSP trees, dynamic LOD for large vrml worlds, and the realtime shaders draft specification.

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