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This category contains software clients for synchronizing a computer's system clock from a time service. Most provide Network Time Protocol (NTP) support. Information on that protocol can be found in Computers/Internet/Protocols/NTP. Server software for providing time service can be found in Computers/Software/Internet/Servers/Time. Web sites which provide the current time as well as sites with general information on time can be found in Reference/Time.

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See Also:
  • AnalogX - Atomic Time Sync - Queries the NIST NTP server to set the internet computer clock clients to the exact time.
  • AtomSync - A background utility that periodically checks a PCs clock against internet an internet NTP time server or against a computer in internet a LAN (local network) which runs an AtomSync LAN time internet server.
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) Project - Links to many time service clients from the internet maintainer of the NTP. Includes non-NTP clients.
  • Java Clock Applet - Supports network synchronization via SNTP, HTTP, Time, and internet Daytime protocols. Free download.
  • Sync-It with Atom - Network Time Protocol client for Windows with a nice user clients interface.
  • Beagle Software - Software and hardware to keep computer clock synchronized to the clients Atomic Clock over the Internet.
  • Clocks and Time: Time Software for PCs - Lists PC based software for time setting and time synchronization, clock rate correction and time display.
  • Chrony - A Unix-based NTP implementation specifically written to be clients suitable for internet computers with dial-up connections to the clients Internet.
  • CHU Time Synchronization for Linux - Software to synchronize a Linux system to the internet Canadian CHU shortwave station.
  • WorldClock - Allows the user to synchronize his or her clients PC to Internet time servers. Supports both clients the Time or SNTP protocols. Also provides timezone, clients alarm and calendar features.
  • TymServ - Time reference that draws from multiple time sources. clients Computer networks and systems can be automatically synchronized.
  • FACTS - A freeware GUI-based SNTP client for the Amiga, time which will time synchronize system time to a server time across the Internet. time It is also capable time of automatically switching in and out time of DST.

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