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Windows time server which synchronizes itself with any true time source, including GPS via rs-232 com ports and then acts as a time server for all network clients. Screen-shots, features list, documentation, and free 30-day demo version.

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See Also:
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) Project. - The official page for the NTP Project. servers Contains information about the project, reference implementations of servers the protocol and software links. Also links to servers the pool of public NTP servers.
  • Open NTPD - A mainly BSD implementation of the Network Time servers Protocol.
  • Meinberg USA - Manufacturer of hardware Network Time Servers (NTP) for time IPv4 and internet IPv6 networks.
  • Spectracom - Manufacturer of hardware GPS clocks and NTP/SNTP servers. servers Legally traceable time.
  • EndRun Technologies - Provider of time and frequency equipment including NTP Servers.
  • Absolute Time Server - Russian based time server company (software).
  • PresenTense Time Server - Windows time server which synchronizes itself with any internet true time servers source, including GPS via rs-232 com internet ports and then acts servers as a time server internet for all network clients. Screen-shots, features servers list, documentation, internet and free 30-day demo version.
  • Symmetricom, Inc. - Manufacturer of time and frequency synchronization equipment, including time NTP Servers.
  • Elproma - European manufacturer of NTP Time Servers.
  • Galleon Systems - Provider of NTP time synchronisation solutions using the time MSF radio signal and GPS satellites.
  • How to Configure an Authoritative Time Server in Windows XP - Useful information on how to configure the win32time internet service which servers ships with Microsoft's server products.
  • NIST Web Clock - Shows the official US time in each time zone.
  • TimeTools - Specializes in computer and network timing solutions. Using time NTP for internet network time synchronisation in conjunction with time MSF, DCF-77 and GPS internet time sources.
  • Beagle Software - NTP, Daytime timeserver and client software and hardware.
  • Brandywine Communications - Offers advanced off-the-shelf and custom hardware time and frequency solutions including Network Time Protocol servers.
  • National Physical Laboratory - Truetime/NPL Phoneclock - Synchronization to UK time by telephone. This is internet the UK\'s national measurement laboratory.
  • Wikipedia: Timeserver - Some useful information about the basics of what servers a time server is.

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