Web Based Feed Readers WWW Clients

RSS/RDF/Atom feed aggregator, designed to run on a web server, allowing access to feeds from a web browser.

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  • Lightstreamer Push RSS Reader - An HTML RSS Reader, based on Lightstreamer technology, feed readers that does not require to download applets or feed readers application. It streams new headlines to the browser feed readers without refreshing the page.
  • Aggregato - A web-based RSS feed aggregator organized with tags.
  • News is Free - Directory of feeds also allows for personalized news web based pages.
  • Urchin RSS Aggregator - Perl, web based, customisable, RSS aggregator and filter feed readers that feed readers consumes RSS, Atom and screen-scraped HTML and feed readers produces RSS feed readers or XSLT-transformed output.
  • Gregarius - RSS/RDF/Atom feed aggregator, designed to run on a web server, feed readers allowing access to feeds from a web browser.
  • Journster - Details on this online RSS/ATOM aggregator.
  • Free RSS Feed Reader - RSS reader designed to be used via a third party feed readers website.
  • Findory - Personalized news and weblog reader. It learns from www the reading patterns and discovers similar RSS feeds.
  • FeedOnSite - Tool that helps websites to publish headlines from web based RSS web based feeds as normal HTML on their website.
  • Google Reader - Free feed reader stores manual or imported reading web based lists.
  • Bloglines - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be used in feed readers place of a desktop client.
  • My Yahoo - My Yahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock web based quotes, weather, and many other features.
  • Genecast News Service - A server based RSS news and weblog aggregator converting them www to Usenet News.
  • Newsburst - Web-based RSS reader from CNET News.com. Supports all versions of RSS and Atom.
  • LiteFeeds - Web-based RSS reader and also a custom mobile RSS reader www for any Java Phone/SmartPhone, Blackberry, Palm or PocketPC which synchronizes www with online subscriptions.
  • Web RSS Reader - Free web-based RSS reader with multiple skins.
  • Gritwire - A flash-based feed reader that can organize feeds feed readers into folders, read and save content, or rate feed readers feeds and feed items.
  • News Scrollers - Service that scrolls data from any RSS feed www on a web based webpage.
  • RSS News Reader - This web-based RSS reader allows you to read news using a browser. It supports RSS 0.91, 0.92 and 1.0.
  • The Daily Read - RSS Reader with nearly 500 predefined RSS feeds feed readers in 23 categories.
  • Netvibes - Personal news aggregator with RSS and Atom support. web based Comes www with a set of predefined news feeds.
  • Daily Rotation - A web-based RSS reader which provides headlines from 300+ tech sites.
  • MetaRSS - Online reader with a directory and tools for web based creating feeds.
  • SYFACiL virtual desktop - RSS reader along with file manager, bookmark manager, web content feed readers catcher. Can be access by web or SMS.
  • DogWalker - An extension to Adam Simpson\\'s RawDog (web based web based aggregator web based python script). DogWalker is a script that web based periodically runs web based RawDog on webmaster\\'s home PC and web based ftps the result web based to the site.
  • RSSinclude - Tool integrates any RSS feed into a website www using a www small piece of HTML.
  • Newsmonkey - Flash based RSS aggregator.
  • RSS2GIF - A service that will convert any RSS Feed web based into www an automatically updated GIF image.
  • NewsBox - Offers access to multiple news sources in German www and English.
  • FeedFeeds - A customizable feed reader service.
  • Feedroll - Web-based reader generates a JavaScript code for syndicating feeds on web based any Web page.
  • X Hollywood News Feed - Entertainment related news directory and aggregator.
  • FeedAgg.com - Free RSS/XML web based feed aggregator, feed rating, www and social feed tagging site.
  • BusterNews.com - A free web-based RSS aggregator. [requires Internet Explorer]
  • KickRSS - A service that takes multiple RSS or Atom feed readers feeds, combines them, and displays them as a feed readers single RSS feed or a webpage at an feed readers easy to remember URL.
  • YourLiveWire - An AJAX RSS reader which displays RSS deeds www in draggable web based auto-arranging windows which updates as feeds www are updated.
  • wURLdBook Research - A web-based personal news aggregator that can be feed readers used feed readers in place of a desktop client and feed readers information aggregator.
  • Shortwire.com - View, alert, create, publish and host RSS feeds and blogs web based with ease.

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