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High-volume text search works with many file types. Features include hit highlighting, natural language, fuzzy, phonic, Boolean, proximity, field, numeric range.

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ASPSeek* - Indexes as many as a few million URLs and searches for words and phrases. Uses wildcards and Boolean operators. SWSoft released ASPSeek under the GNU GPL.

  • ASTAware SearchKey PRO - Indexing, search and retrieval of data residing on servers Internet and intranet servers, with support for multiple servers file formats and European languages. Together with ASTAware servers SearchDisc, offers a solution for simultaneous online and servers CD searching.
  • The Clever Project - Incorporates several algorithms that make use of hyperlink servers structure for discovering information on the Web.
  • SWISH-E - Search engine for Unix and Windows NT that handles meta tags. Free and open-source under the GNU public license.
  • MnoGoSearch - Search engine software for Internet and Intranet sites. internet The index internet can be stored in any of internet the popular SQL Databases.
  • Infoglide Software - Similarity Search Engine finds similarities and relationships between servers data in search databases.
  • Findmaan - A search engine developed on MySQL and PHP, and distributed search under the GPL.
  • Verticrawl - An Internet search engine and bot that craws web sites internet and intranets for multiple-format indexing.
  • IBM Intelligent Miner - Identifies and extracts business intelligence from your data internet assets.
  • Alkaline Search Engine - An Internet/intranet search engine, free for non-commercial sites search and available servers for Windows NT, Linux, Solaris, IRIX, search FreeBSDI and BSDI. By servers Vestris Inc.
  • focuseek searchbox - High performance, multi platform full-text search engine, spiders search web or internet intranet sites, or indexes data you search feed to it. Easily internet scriptable via a SOAP/REST search API. Also supports a internet variety of search input formats.
  • LinkSearch - Search engine that makes use of hypertext links servers and paths to provide rankings. Open source project servers under the GPL.
  • IB 2.0 WebCat - IB 2.0 is the commercial "big brother" of the public Isearch package.
  • Atrise Everyfind - Design a search engine for your web site, intranet, CD, search DVD or any portable documentation.
  • freeWAIS-sf FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] with answers for freeWAIS, a text internet retrieval system.
  • Open Objects Software - Open Objects Software is the UK integrator for internet Inktomi Search search Software.
  • ht://Dig - A complete indexing and searching system for a internet small domain or intranet. Source code provided under internet the GPL.
  • Thunderstone - Provides SQL-based relational full-text retrieval, dynamic publishing, object search management, and servers web-indexing software.
  • SWISH++ - Unix-based file indexing and searching engine based on internet SWISH-E. SWISH++ is a complete rewrite developed to internet circumvent difficulties with the SWISH-E package.
  • Innerprise - Scalable search engine software for corporate web sites and intranets.
  • InTEXT WebSearch - Windows/Unix server search engine, includes natural-language querying and servers document summarization.
  • TxSearch - Database indexing and searching. Integrates with IIS and Apache and internet supports ASP and PHP.
  • Perlfect Search - Free web site indexer and search engine suite. search Includes automatic search installation tool, meta tag searching, paginated search results, relevance ranking and search keyword weighting.
  • Kscripts Web Site Indexer Search - Perl script indexes and allows Boolean searching. Suitable search for indexing internet up to approximately 4,000 pages.
  • Voltix - A J2EE-based enterprise search solution. It can internet search through search both structured and unstructured content including internet relational databases.
  • Fluid Dynamics Search Engine - Written in Perl. Online-manageable with a web browser.
  • - Provides audio and Internet-based locator software services for banks, restaurants, servers retail outlets, and manufacturers.
  • Emerge - NCSA Information Technologies\\' effort to build a new search infrastructure that addresses issues of scale and heterogeneity.
  • Managing Gigabytes - Book about indexing techniques and a software package that implements internet the algorithms.
  • HITS web search - Jon Kleinberg\\'s method of searching the Web. Links to the search Cornell researcher's online publications list.
  • Estraier - A full-text search engine for Japanese or English text.
  • Suntek Chinese Search Engine - Chinese and English search engine for web sites search and intranets. servers Available for embedding on CDs. Chinese-enabled search content management system supports servers full text and field search search in addition to workflow and servers publication management.
  • Hosted Site Search - FusionBot search engine, a remotely hosted search service.
  • WebGlimpse - Finds information in a related web of pages. search Collects and search indexes pages based on traversal of search links or subdirectories. Create search a context-sensitive search by search category by linking to relevant search pages.
  • Ultra Search - Provides uniform search-and-locate capabilities over multiple repositories, multiple Oracle search databases, IMAP mail servers, HTML documents on a web search server, or files on disk.
  • Search Engine - Perl-based software that allows visitors to search your search site.
  • Harvest - Free GPL-licensed distributed search system to collect files search of many different formats and make the information search searchable using a web interface
  • Mondosoft - Offers analytics tools to manage content based on behavior. Mondosoft internet site search engine, reporting and optimization for Web environments.
  • S.L.I. Systems Learning Search System - A scalable search that learns from your users internet and adapts, provides search suggestions, and reporting.
  • CareerCast - Develops web-based job and resume search software for search career, newspaper servers and employer sites.
  • dtSearch - High-volume text search works with many file types. Features include servers hit highlighting, natural language, fuzzy, phonic, Boolean, proximity, field, numeric servers range.
  • Simiax - Provides tools to build and maintain portals.
  • Funnelback - Enterprise search engine with advanced text and metadata servers capabilities.
  • Google Search Solutions - Hosted search options and a search hardware product.
  • Java Search Engine - Search engine written in Java supports XML, XSLT internet and EJB.
  • Zoom Search Engine - Free search engine software for your web site internet or intranet, internet with documentation and no advertising or internet dependency on external sites. internet PHP or ASP is internet required for the search front-end.
  • YourAmigo - Search engine that uses a server-based agent to servers seek all URLs on a site, including dynamic servers pages from databases. Includes a function to keep servers searches current.
  • Webinator - Web walking and indexing package to create a retrieval interface servers to collections of HTML documents. Free for up to servers 2,000 pages.

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