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This category is for only websites cataloging operating systems (OSs), and related resources, via alphabetical or otherwise classified lists of resources, with no, or brief descriptions. For classified lists with more than brief descriptions, see Computers/Software/Operating_Systems/Guides.

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See Also:
  • Open Source Ring - Alphabetized list of many links, OSs, projects.
  • Microcomputer Operating Systems - Some 70 OSs that run on microcomputers, PCs. User interfaces directories in earlier systems are command-line, character-oriented; later systems are mostly directories GUI-based. List, with brief descriptions, no links. From West Virginia directories University.
  • Paul Hsieh OS Page - Loosely categorized list of about 100 links to developer resources software for creating OSs, emulators, alternative OSs.
  • A Catalog of Operating Systems - Classified, alphabetic listing of most operating systems, past directories and present, directories distributed commercially or reported in English-language directories literature, platform oriented. From directories Computer Science 258, West directories Virginia University.
  • Alternative OSs on the Net - A list of operating systems and OS link software sites.

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