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  • Xbae widget set - A group of three Motif-based widgets consisting of XbaeMatrix, XbaeCaption and XbaeInput. Now maintained by the LessTif team.
  • Motif Programming/Reference Manuals Volume 6A/6B - The definitive O\\'Reilly Motif reference guides. Completely updated for Motif 2.1 and available for free download in various formats.
  • Motif - Official site from Open Group Desktop Technologies.
  • Open Motif Everywhere - ICS\\'s Open Motif built from the official Open Group sources. Precompiled binaries available on all popular Linux environments and FreeBSD.
  • LessTif - The Hungry Programmers\\' version of OSF/Motif. It is graphic subsystems source compatible with OSF/Motif 1.2, meaning that the graphic subsystems same source should compile with both and work graphic subsystems exactly the same. [Open source, LGPL]
  • X-Designer - Commercial X/Motif GUI Builder including GUI testing and Motif to Java and Windows migration capabilities
  • - Provides a wide range of resources and technical tips for X/Motif developers.
  • Motif USENET FAQ - Browse archive of FAQ by archive, author, and toolkits category or motif by newsgroup.
  • Xlt widget set - The LessTif/Motif Extension library, is a set of graphic subsystems widgets toolkits that make programming with the Motif API graphic subsystems easier as toolkits it adds a set of frequently graphic subsystems used tools, mostly toolkits authored by Rick Scott.
  • Motif Widgets in Motion - Three Motif widgets to display scientific data as toolkits dynamic plot.
  • LXB - A Linux X11/Motif GUI builder. [Open source, GPL]

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