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Dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying, redistribution, and modifying computer programs. Includes details of events and campaigns, resources, and membership information.

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See Also:
  • Bad Linux Advocacy FAQ - How to avoid "blind fold Linux chauvinism."
  • Where will you let us go today, Microsoft? - A two-part editorial detailing reasons to migrate from advocacy Microsoft\\'s products linux to Linux. Includes background about Microsoft\\'s advocacy negative impact on PC linux manufacturers.
  • How to Run a Microsoft-Free Shop - A twelve step program to get off the operating systems MS bandwagon.
  • Linuxmanship - Habits to develop for Linux advocates.
  • Making Linux look harder than it is: The Register - The how and why of giving "non-tech" support.
  • A Linux World - Dedicated to spreading the word and encouraging the advocacy use of advocacy the Linux operating system. Overview of advocacy major distributions, applications and advocacy tutorials.
  • Con Zymaris - Articles about Linux and open source software.
  • Free Software Foundation (FSF) - Dedicated to eliminating restrictions on copying, redistribution, and advocacy modifying computer advocacy programs. Includes details of events and advocacy campaigns, resources, and membership advocacy information.
  • Serge Winitzki - Articles advocating Unix and free software.
  • REVOLUTION OS - Movie featuring interviews with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, and others.
  • The Corporate Linux Advocate - Information on using Linux in the workplace with tips on linux how to use Alpha 64-bit computer systems.
  • IBM - Peace, Love, Linux - Explains why IBM is committed to Linux and operating systems is operating systems making it their development reference platform. [Requires operating systems free Flash operating systems plugin.]
  • The Case for Linux in Universities - An explanation of why universities should begin supporting operating systems Linux.
  • Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO - The original Linux advocacy document.
  • Linux In Business - Seeks to answer the question, "Is Linux right for the marketplace?"
  • Sneeze - Linux is the best OS.
  • Penguin or Egg: The Linux Dilemma - Essay regarding the lack of general computer industry advocacy support for linux Linux, and how the problem is advocacy self-correcting.
  • Linux for Engineers - How the stability and power of GNU/Linux can linux be used operating systems by engineering professionals.
  • Linux in Business - List of commercial sites that make use of operating systems Linux.
  • Linux Today Counter-FUD Site - One-stop resource for evidence and arguments to rebut linux the myths linux and misconceptions about Linux.
  • A Presentation to Introduce Linux - A presentation on GNU/Linux for the ordinary user advocacy who may advocacy have had experience working in Windows advocacy only. [Zipped PowerPoint file]
  • Michael Chaney - Description of how a Linux user saved Microsoft advocacy lots of money.

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