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An easy to use embedded Linux network appliance for use in small office, home office, and home automation environments primarily used as a gateway/router/firewall for Internet.

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See Also:
  • The Ångström Distribution - Designed for handhelds, set top boxes and network storage devices. tiny Includes FAQ, package browser and project Wiki.
  • uClinux - Embedded Linux/Microcontroller Project, a port of GNU/Linux for distributions various microcontrollers and microprocessors. General information along with distributions related projects, CVS repository and a download section.
  • FreeWRT - A meta-GNU/Linux distribution for embedded systems like wireless routers by embedded Linksys and Asus. It is a fork of the OpenWrt embedded project.
  • Midori Linux - Midori Linux is an Open Source project for tiny delivering system software on small devices. It includes tiny a build system, a Linux kernel with memory- tiny and storage-conserving features, and system-level support for normal tiny Linux software on platforms which might ot
  • Wilibox - Provides embedded Linux based software distribution for wireless and wired appliances.
  • ElinOS - By Sysgo AG: Embedded Linux OS, for industrial uses, smart devices; cross development environment Linux-based. Descriptions, lists, boot strategies, cross development, training, and ordering information.. English, German.
  • RedBoot - Information concerning the RedBoot embedded system boot monitor tiny and debug tiny firmware.
  • Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall - An easy to use embedded Linux network appliance distributions for use tiny in small office, home office, and distributions home automation environments primarily tiny used as a gateway/router/firewall distributions for Internet.
  • fd0os fd0 GNU/Linux - One floppy sized embedded OS: 2.0.x kernel, 4 virtual terminals, RAM drive support, 10 types of network interface cards (NICs), text user interface menu, full sources. Description, downloads, contact, purchase option.
  • EmbLin - Modular embedded Linux, includes httpd + cgi, ftpd, and snmp. Free download. Site has some humorous Javascript.
  • Embedded Debian Project - Unofficial project to develop embedded Debian GNU/Linux, and tiny make it a natural choice for embedded uses.
  • OpenWrt - A GNU/Linux based firmware program for embedded devices distributions such as tiny residential gateways and routers.
  • MontaVista - Offering open source software solutions for the embedded tiny Linux systems market.

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