Floppy Sized Tiny x Distributions Linu

A tiny floppy distribution of Linux, set to fit on one floppy disk that is able to provide new Linux users with low-end machines (386) very useful set of networking related binaries and firewall tools.

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See Also:
  • Pocket Linux - Quickly converts PC to secure Linux system using SSH to distributions connect to remote host; supports other networking clients, bootp to distributions determine host IP and other network parameters; can be manually distributions configured, but bootp preferred; works on systems with network card
  • HAL91 - Fits one floppy, needs 386+ (needs no FPU), distributions 8 MB RAM; runs fully in RAM; supports distributions IDE hard disks, ATAPI CD-ROMs, filesystems Ext2, ISO distributions 9660, VFAT; SCSI adapters, parallel zip drive, Ethernet distributions cards by modules. English, German, Italian. Last updated distributions 1998.
  • Blueflops - On 2 floppies. Graphic Web browser: Links 2.1pre9 floppy sized using svgalib 1.4.3. IRC client: BitchX 1.0c19. Kernel: floppy sized 2.4.20, most Ethernet drivers compiled as modules. C floppy sized library: uClibc. Minimum needs: i386 CPU, 16 MB floppy sized RAM.
  • tomsrtbt home page - The most Linux on one diskette!
  • The Linux-One-Disk-Svncviewer Floppy Disk (LODS) - A one-floppy disk Linux system to run svncviewer without having floppy sized to boot from hard disk.
  • Avd Project - Home for AVD, SWIM and BootRoot which creates a two-disk distributions Linux system. The lilo method creates a boot distributions disk with lilo, a kernel and an initrd image; distributions the root disk can contain either a distributions gzip- or bzip2-compressed filesystem.
  • Nuclinux - One floppy (3.5 inch) distribution, mainly to connect floppy sized to the Internet from networked machines; bash, Links floppy sized browser, FTP server, vi, ma mail client, free floppy sized space at start of disk; links to other floppy sized mini Linux distributions. English, Suomi.
  • Romin Romanian Mini Linux - Internet gateway floppy distribution; kernel 2.2.+, glibc, busybox, distributions pppd, samba, e2fsck, ipchains, telnetd; filesystems: ext3, ext2, distributions vfat, ntfs, nfs; several network cards. Description, downloads. distributions English, Romanian.
  • Dekoningonline.nl - Offers Grey Cat Linux, a small Linux distribution based on tiny Slackware 3.5 and BasicLinux. It comes with the standard Linux/Unix tiny utilities, and other software, like a browser, wordprocessor, IRC application tiny and webserver. Run from hard disk or floppies.
  • tinfoil hat linux - A secure single floppy linux. For the paranoid among us.
  • Alfalinux Project - Mini distribution, two floppies, Slackware-based, uses libc 5.0, kernel 2.0.34+. distributions Other Linux projects, resources, links. English, Italian.
  • tclDisk linux floppy - Simple linux floppy disk aimed at those interested distributions in customizing floppy sized their own linux floppy disks. Small distributions but expandable examples included.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Linux - a bootable floppy distribution containing tool (smartmontools) for floppy sized monitoring floppy sized IDE/SCSI hard disks (using Self-Monitoring, Analysis and floppy sized Reporting Technology). floppy sized It is based on uClibc, BusyBox floppy sized and smartmontools.
  • Injector Linux - Fits one floppy, supports many filesystems: 23, with tiny all needed tiny disklabels and broad write support: read-write-backup tiny files from IDE, SCSI tiny drives with many partition tiny types: Apple, NTFS, VFAT, EXT2/3, RaiserFS. tiny Useful for tiny file/disk rescue.
  • Fd Linux - A tiny floppy distribution of Linux, set to distributions fit on one floppy disk that is able distributions to provide new Linux users with low-end machines distributions (386) very useful set of networking related binaries distributions and firewall tools.

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