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Coyote Linux* - Vortech Consulting products for security, performance tuning, Internet connection sharing via cable modem, DSL; Ethernet, over local area network (LAN). Goal: easy as possible to configure, use; one floppy Linux derived via Linux Router Project.

  • Dingetje's FREESCO Box - FREESCO single floppy router Linux promotion site, lots tiny of how-to\'s, demos, packages, links.
  • Trinux - Portable Linux distribution that boots from 2-3 floppies (or a FAT 16 partition) and runs entirely in RAM. Contains latest versions of popular network security tools. Useful for mapping and monitoring TCP/IP networks.
  • floppyfw - By Zelow Consulting; one floppy based, static (screening) router with firewall abilities in Linux; mostly Debian-based; needs 386sx+, 12 MB RAM; simple packaging system, logging via klogd/syslogd, local and remote.
  • FREESCO - Name means FREE ciSCO, a free replacement for distributions commercial routers, distributions supports up to 3 ethernet/arcnet/token_ring/arlan network distributions cards, and 2 modems.
  • Fli4L - One floppy Linux-based ISDN, DSL, Ethernet router; builds distributions on old distributions 486 PC, 16 MB RAM, on distributions Linux, Unix, Windows; needs distributions no Linux knowledge per distributions se but is useful; needs basic distributions knowledge of distributions networking, TCP/IP, DNS, routing. English, German.

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