Cellular x Hardware Support Linu Operating Systems

Software to be used with Motorola telephones based on the P2K platform. It allows file system manipulations with Motorola phones.

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See Also:
  • Gammu phone database - Reports from users about mobile phones supported by Gammu library.
  • TuxMobil: Mobile Phones - Information about mobile (cell) phones working with Linux.
  • KMobileTools - KDE-based application that allows to control mobile phones with your cellular PC.
  • CUTs - Cellphone Unix Terminals - Enables you to use a normal cellphone as linux a Unix/Linux cellular terminal from anywhere.
  • SCMxx - A console program that allows you to exchange cellular certain types linux of data with mobile phones made cellular by Siemens.
  • linuxsms - A script in Perl to send short messages to GSM phones.
  • Gammu - Mobile phone communication library, a command line application linux and a hardware support SMS daemon.
  • BitPim - Graphical manager for CDMA phones
  • PhoneManager - A GNOME program to send and receive SMS messages through hardware support cell phone.
  • Wammu - Graphical phone manager using Gammu as it's backend.
  • OpenSync - A framework to synchronize PIM data between mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs, desktop computer PIM tools and services.
  • Moto4Lin - Software to be used with Motorola telephones based cellular on the cellular P2K platform. It allows file system cellular manipulations with Motorola phones.
  • gsmlib - This distribution includes a library to access GSM linux mobile phones cellular through GSM modems. Features include: linux modification of phonebooks cellular stored in the mobile linux phone or on the SIM card, cellular linux reading and writing of SMS messages stored in cellular linux the mobile phone, sending a
  • bluexmms - Allows remote control of XMMS using a bluetooth-enabled hardware support SonyEricsson linux mobile phone, assuming you also have a hardware support bluetooth-capable laptop/computer.
  • OpenOBEX - Free open source implementation of the Object Exchange hardware support (OBEX) protocol.
  • gnokii - gnokii (from GNU-Nokia) is a linux project to develop tools and drivers for Nokia linux mobile phones for Linux, BSD linux and other Unixes/operating systems.

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