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A Mac OS port of "tar" (tape archive), a common file-packing format used on Unix machines. This program reads and writes tar format archives.

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See Also:
  • MacGzip - A freeware compression utility based on open source mac os code.
  • MacZip - Describes status of development and porting efforts.
  • MacBzip2 - a freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor. compression It typically compresses files to within 10% to compression 15% of the best available techniques, whilst being compression around twice as fast at compression and six compression times faster at decompression.
  • OpenUp - A powerful compression program by Scott Anguish for Mac OS X Server and OpenStep that can expand a large variety of common and uncommon compression formats.
  • ZipIt - Full-featured Macintosh shareware utility to compress files in utilities the zip format.
  • PackUpAndGo - A drag-and-drop compression program by Stone Design for compression Mac OS X Server or Yellow Box for compression Windows.
  • Allume Systems - Makers of the Stuffit suite of compression utilities. compression Such programs compression include Stuffit Expander, a freeware expander, compression and Stuffit Deluxe, the compression company\'s ultimate utility for compression compression and seamless Finder integration.
  • Mindvision - Creator of Mac file compression, installation, and decompression utilities programs.
  • ColdCompress - A simple and graphical .tar.gz compression program for mac os Mac utilities OS X Server.
  • Compact Pro - A shareware file compression utility that provides segmented compression archive and compression encryption features.
  • MacTar - A Mac OS port of "tar" (tape archive), utilities a common compression file-packing format used on Unix machines. utilities This program reads and compression writes tar format archives.

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