Technical Support and Troubleshooting FAQs, Help, and Tutorials Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Listings in this category are sites that provide technical support for Windows or that help diagnose and solve problems with Windows or Computer problems.

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  • PC Helper - A source of information about Windows problems, virus problems and technical support and troubleshooting configuration settings.
  • Darrell's Computer Help and Information - Instructions on using FDISK and formatting drives. Instructions technical support and troubleshooting for installing Windows and required downloads. Memory upgrade technical support and troubleshooting support through RAM photos.
  • Microsoft Help and Support - A searchable knowledgebase of software and hardware FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • Technopedia - Offers help for Windows and the Internet through technical support and troubleshooting the "knowledgebase" forum, and search facilities.
  • Tom's Hardware Guide - Reviews and information on hardware including tips and microsoft windows tricks microsoft windows for better performance.
  • - Solutions and help for common Windows 95/98 problems, with several microsoft windows discussion forums.
  • PC Mechanic - Basic troubleshooting information, device description's.
  • System Optimization Information - Many forums for software technical support and hardware tips.
  • - A set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about using Windows.
  • - Help and technical support for all windows and microsoft windows macintosh microsoft windows operating systems, hardware, software, web design, and microsoft windows internet issues
  • PC Tools Forums - Technical support forums for Windows-related issues and questions.
  • PCTechBytes - Provides free tech support and troubleshooting platform for solving Windows problems and repairing PC hardware.

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