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Contains reviews, tips, tricks, and downloads. Publication has ceased, but old articles are still online, accessible via search function. [TechWeb]

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Microsoft Windows Family Home Page* - Offers information about Windows products and technologies.

  • PC Tools Software - Provides technical resources and support for tweaking, managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry, scripting and security.
  • MSDN - Offers help for developers in writing applications using Microsoft products and technologies.
  • 64bit Computing - A blog about Windows 64 bit Operating Systems that features the latest news and information to make your transition to 64 bit computing easier.
  • Paul Thurrott's WinInfo - In-depth Windows news and information and information on operating systems Microsoft microsoft windows beta programs.
  • LitePC - Offers Windows configuration utilities for various Windows products.
  • WinMag - Contains reviews, tips, tricks, and downloads. Publication has ceased, but software old articles are still online, accessible via search function. [TechWeb]
  • Microsoft: Intranet Maintain - Features capacity management for ASPs, Intranet collaboration with operating systems NNTP operating systems and HTML, monitoring Intranet performance, and XML operating systems FAQs.
  • Serenity Macros - Includes resources, tips, registry customisation, programs for MS Word and microsoft windows Windows 98.
  • Windows 7 Homepage - The official Windows 7 site at Microsoft. Includes operating systems a free download of the release candidate version.
  • Knowledge Base for Windows - Easy, Fast and Clear Support for your Windows operating system.
  • Windows Security - One-stop gateway to news, information and products for microsoft windows Network microsoft windows Security and Windows. IT professionals will find microsoft windows the information microsoft windows in this site fundamental to the microsoft windows setting up and microsoft windows running of secure, flawless networks.
  • - Lists processes and services visible in the Windows task manager microsoft windows for Windows NT and its successors.
  • - Tools and code for network administration. Includes bug software listings and microsoft windows fixes, hardware, operating system information, and software remote control help.
  • Direct Cable Connect Instructions - Graphical instructions for connecting two Windows based computer microsoft windows systems using a serial or parallel port.
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