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DOS is an acronym for Disk Operating System (OS). A disk operating system is software that organizes and controls how computers read, write and interact with disks (floppy, hard, CD-ROM) and communicate with a computer's various input/output devices: keyboards, pointing devices, scanners, microphones, serial and parallel ports; screens, printers, modems, etc. On this page, links are arranged in three groups and levels: 1) Top group: issues spanning multiple unrelated DOSs. 2) Middle group: graphic user interfaces for DOS. 3) Bottom group: specific DOSs.

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See Also:
  • RMF-DOS - Reduced Memory Footprint; goals: match functions of MS-DOS operating systems 6.22, IBM PC DOS 7.00, DR-DOS 7 subset. operating systems Written mainly in 2 free C compilers and operating systems assembler, most parts are smaller uncompressed than compressed operating systems parts of MS, IBM, DR. [Open Source, BSD]
  • Georgos the DOS compatible operating system - A free DOS-compatible operating system. Sample applications, discussion dos forum, and dos development information.
  • Shell Tips - Weblog covering useful tips for a number of dos command line interfaces including the DOS shell.
  • RealDOS - A barebones DOS alternative.
  • DOS - Wikipedia article covering the history and design of DOS.
  • ZDOS - Realtime, 32-bit replacement for 16-bit DOS, with modern x86 features: multitasking, demand paging, SMP. Coded in pure x86 Assembly language. Zebor Technology.
  • PhysTechSoft Ltd. - Makes PTS-DOS 2000: network support, file manager, archiver, operating systems internal boot virus protection, graphical web browser; email, operating systems telnet, FTP clients; many utilities, some for embedded operating systems system development.
  • Commands Reference with Versions, Syntax, Notes, and Examples - Index, description, and syntax, of all built-in commands x86 available in x86 all versions of DOS/Windows since v1.00.
  • Doctor DOS Betamax; DOS Operating System - Commentary, tutorials, references, Power-Users\' Corner, for DOS and related utilities.
  • Unofficial PTS-DOS FAQ - In English and German languages; with wiki, downloads, dos links.

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