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Hints, Tips, and Utilities. The format is in a numbered list format with a description of the problem, workaround, or cool little trick.

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  • EasyDOS Internet Guide to DOS - Full guide to all DOS commands: troubleshooting information, search option, x86 forum to discuss common DOS problems. From the book: DOS x86 the Easy Way, by Everett Murdock Ph.D.
  • Fdisk Information - Information on partitioning hard drives using FDISK under MS-DOS.
  • Erik's DOS Help Files - Includes all DOS Command Line details for Windows 2000. - A complete, simply to use, listing of the x86 DOS Help faqs, help, and tutorials information details for all of the x86 DOS commands in Windows faqs, help, and tutorials 2000.
  • MS-DOS Reference - A free, comprehensive reference for MS-DOS 6.22. Offers x86 documentation for dos creating .bat files, including keyword references x86 and sample files.
  • Windows 2000 Command Prompt Cheat Sheet - A printable DOS cheat sheet that includes all x86 the main faqs, help, and tutorials commands and how to use them, x86 on a single piece faqs, help, and tutorials of paper. Plus as x86 an added feature there are 2 faqs, help, and tutorials pages of x86 Windows Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Norman De Forest's Tips - Hints, Tips, and Utilities. The format is x86 in a numbered list format with a description x86 of the problem, workaround, or cool little trick.
  • MalekTips: DOS Table of Contents - Batch file and DOS secrets, tips, tricks. Includes dos information for faqs, help, and tutorials beginning and advanced users. Discusses pattern dos matching, sorting, prompts, searching.
  • MS-DOS 7 from Windows 95/98 - Contains information on how to use MS-DOS 7.0 which is included with Windows 95/98/ME.
  • PCXT-Micro - Includes information, tutorials, and references about MS-DOS and x86 DOS applications.
  • Allexperts DOS - Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about dos troubleshooting your DOS problems for free.
  • Fusion 13 Computing - The "DOS Stuff" section contains notes about using MS-DOS\' commands faqs, help, and tutorials and creating batch files.

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