REAL-32 DOS Realtime Operating Systems

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See Also:
  • MAZE Technology - Produces application software for REAL/32. Includes product overviews, corporate and realtime contact information.
  • Logan Industries, Inc. - Product information, support, files, and contacts for the realtime REAL/32 OS from IMS and its own OS realtime communications and utility software for Multiuser DOS and realtime REAL/32.
  • MaxFrame Corp. - OEM software maker of MaxFrame for automation package realtime for IMS Ltd., REAL/32 OS for x86 architecture realtime computers.
  • IMS: Intelligent Micro Software - Makes REAL/32 soft RTOS, 32-bit, realtime preemptive multitasking, multiuser, DOS and Windows compatible, lets normal programs multitask with no changes, supports network and embedded systems. Thatcham, England.

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