DOS Realtime Operating Systems Software

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  • Technosoftware, Inc. - RTXDOS-16 (DOS compatible) and RTXDOS-32 (WIN32 compatible) real-time OSs for embedded PCs. Modular systems with TCP/IP, WEB server, Process IO, OPC Toolkit, and IEC1131.
  • S&H Computer Systems, Inc. - Makes TSX-32 general purpose, multiuser, multitasking, text-based, non-graphical, realtime DOS compatible operating systems RTOS, coded for x86 platforms. Supports realtime realtime use, embedded devices.
  • Multiuser DOS - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • On Time Informatik GmbH - Makes, sells, supports RTKernel, realtime multitasking system for DOS; compact (about 16k code, 6k data); gives programmers the basic tools needed to develop efficient realtime software. No royalty.

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