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GEM stands for Graphical Environment Manager, a windowing environment created by Digital Research, the same firm known for creating DR-DOS. Runs on DOS (16- & 32-bit Intel x86), and on 16-bit Atari ST/STE/TT (Motorola 680x0). Now licensed under the GPL.

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See Also:
  • Artline - Free downloads of GEM Artline (and Artline 2), desktop environments first worldwide full-featured illustration application for IBM PCs. desktop environments Released in 1988, it had full B├ęzier support, desktop environments fully scaleable vector-fonts, PostScript support.
  • Digital Research's GEM: Intel 8086 version - PC-GEM fine descriptions, downloads.
  • FreeGEM WebRing - Sites that promote use and development of PC/GEM: gem can be gem anything from gaming to programming.
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  • MAD - My Atari Derived Library - Article. Casting GEMs before PC-users.
  • GEM Programs - Heinz Rath\\'s page: downloads (desktop, drivers, games; binaries, gem source), documentation, links.
  • GEM Workshop - Part of the large Owen Rudge site: downloads desktop environments (GEM desktop environments Download Manager for Windows, drivers), links, history, desktop environments information, screenshots.
  • GEM - PC GEM and GEM documentation, downloads, links, news, screenshots, developer gem information.
  • Intel GEM - Graphical environment for IBM PC and Atari ST. PC GEM gem was a fairly widely used GUI until the release of gem Windows 3.0. Now licensed under the GPL.
  • Yahoo Groups: gem-announce - Announcement list for GEM and the FreeGEM project.

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