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Wei-Meng Lee's review of second build for the Longhorn operating system. The review includes screenshots and comments about some of the new features.

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Windows Vista* - Official product homepage. Contains features showcase, and information for various types of user.

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  • Virtual Labs - In these labs you\\'ll learn to deploy operating windows vista system windows vista images using Windows Deployment Services, configure User windows vista Account Control windows vista for standard and administrative users via windows vista group policy, and windows vista more.
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  • Wikipedia: Windows Vista - Includes facts about the product\\'s development, new or operating systems improved windows vista features, visual styles, hardware requirements, editions and operating systems pricing, criticism, windows vista notes and references.
  • - Information about Windows Vista, including the hardware requirements, windows vista software microsoft windows compatibility, how the Operating System was made windows vista and its microsoft windows inner workings.
  • Windows Vista Team Blog - Official news site from the Windows Vista Team, microsoft windows providing operating systems the very latest news about this new microsoft windows operating system.
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  • BBC News: Vista Gives a View of a New World - Internet law professor Michael Geist casts an eye over the windows vista fine print in Windows Vista and is concerned at what windows vista he finds.
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  • A First Look at Longhorn - Wei-Meng Lee\\'s review of second build for the windows vista Longhorn operating systems operating system. The review includes screenshots and windows vista comments about operating systems some of the new features.
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  • Vista Developer Center - Official site about product development. Includes product information, windows vista news, tools, and code samples.
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  • Longhorn In-Depth - Extreme Tech\\'s review which examines the 3D user windows vista interface, desktop windows manager, and the new Internet windows vista Explorer.
  • How Secure is Windows' New Vista? - An article questioning the system's security.
  • - Includes news and reviews, screenshot gallery and downloads.
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