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This utility offers many desktop enhancements such as adding objects, direct access to ActiveX controls, and ability to create your own objects and add functionality with VBScript or Javascript.

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  • Blueberry 3D-Desktop - The Blueberry desktop project is made using Delphi, alternate shells its alternate shells main purpose is a 3D OPENGL engine alternate shells in replacement alternate shells of Windows desktop
  • - Blackbox 4 Windows community site. Includes plugins, news, microsoft windows new software releases and reviews.
  • Bluebox - A competitor to Blackbox for Windows, bluebox adheres more to the fluxbox style of doing things.
  • DarkStep - Replaces the default explorer shell for Windows 9x/ME/NT/W2K, software which allows for a fully customized Graphical User software Interface to improve/personalize functionality and aesthetics.
  • Shell Extension City - Shell extensions, interface customization software, and other utilities for Windows microsoft windows 95/98/NT/2000, and other OSs.
  • The SphereXP - A 3D desktop replacement for Microsoft Windows XP.
  • Core - Core is written in VB6 and is designed to imitate alternate shells LiteStep in that it is completely customizable.
  • bbLean - The lean version of Blackbox for Windows.
  • Emerge Desktop - A replacement windows shell for Windows 2000 and above.
  • Talisman Desktop - A desktop alternative and shell-replacement for Windows 9x/ME microsoft windows and alternate shells NT/2000/XP.
  • HoverDesk - Desktop replacement that adds versatility to existing Windows alternate shells desktops.
  • Shell-Shocked - Alternate Windows shell online magazine.
  • Blizzle - News and releases about Windows customization and alternative shell software
  • Silver Forge Systems - Makers of the Equinox Shell, DesktopPro Studio, and alternate shells DesktopPro 2000 line of alternative shells.
  • WinStep - Skinnable applications for the Windows 32-bit environment. Compatible with Win9x, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP.
  • GO - Minimilistic shell for windows.
  • k23 productions - Home of cloud:9ine, icefire, melon, eggShell, and dotWidgets.
  • LiteShell - A tiny, ultra-fast shell for Windows. It microsoft windows is designed with old, slow PCs in mind. microsoft windows On any PC, it uses next to microsoft windows no CPU/RAM.
  • SharpEnvironment - Shell replacement for Windows.
  • Aston - A desktop manager and shell replacement for Windows software with easy alternate shells shell swapping capability and features including software transparencies and hotkeys.
  • DesktopX - This utility offers many desktop enhancements such as microsoft windows adding objects, direct access to ActiveX controls, and microsoft windows ability to create your own objects and add microsoft windows functionality with VBScript or Javascript.
  • ShellFront - Information on various alternative shells for Windows.
  • Desktop Manager - Virtual desktop program and Windows shell.

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