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Windows NT/2000 offers the programmer some features that are uncommon in other operating systems and often offer significant benefits. This category is for programmers wanting to learn about or use these features.

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See Also:
  • Windows 2000 Developer Center (MSDN Online) - The one-stop for all developer information about Microsoft programming Windows 2000.
  • Win32 samples - Sample code for some aspects of NT programming, mostly from programming the areas of security and networking, such as Net*() APIs programming and IOCPs (I/O completion ports) with sockets.
  • OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. - Windows NT device driver and file systems experts. Custom development, worldwide public and private training seminars, newsletter and consulting.
  • Systems Internals - System utilities for Windows NT and Windows 95/98. programming Includes NTFS windows 2000 driver for DOS, FAT32 driver for programming NT and NT Undelete windows 2000 program, most with source programming code. Very good for system administrators windows 2000 and system programming programmers.
  • Sam Blackburn's Win32 Foundation Classes - WFC offers C++ programmer functionality, wrappers for unwieldy microsoft windows NT windows 2000 features such as access control, CryptoAPI, event microsoft windows log, RAS, windows 2000 and services.
  • Tomas Restrepo's WinDev - Offers code and articles on I/O Completion Ports, windows 2000 including programming a C++ template class for IOCPs; network windows 2000 services; threads; programming and synchronisation objects.

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