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  • OS/2 Audio Programs - Offers various OS/2 Audio related programs, like os-2 RTMIDI, LBPlay, LBMIDI, LBMix, TiMidity++ for OS/2, LBMIDIEd, os-2 LBCSMix and Real Audio Player for OS/2
  • CW-Multimedia classes - WPS extenions to support MP3 and Ogg files and a os-2 WPS folder the can play the media files it contains.
  • Team MMOS/2 Tokyo - Download page for Japanese multimedia software developers.
  • SBLive Driver - Audio driver for the SoundBlaster Live! sound card. os-2 Developed by Sander Van Leeuwen based on the os-2 Linux driver.
  • Samuel Audet's Programs - MP3 player PM123, CD ripper CD2MP3 PM and os-2 other applications.
  • Christoph Bratschi's Homepage - Mixomat, a SB 16/32/64 mixer, and other programs.
  • z! - Freeware textmode mp3 player.
  • MMIOMP3 / MMIOVorbis - MP3 and Ogg Vorbis Multimedia IOProcs for OS/2.

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