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Digital media platform enables the development of applications, creation of multimedia content, and reliable distribution. Downloads, detailed product information, documentation, news.

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  • StereoMaker - QuickTime utility to generate 3D movies or images computers for multimedia multimedia productions or games. [Macintosh/Windows]
  • Toxi - Interactive artistic visualisations, codebased motion design, demos, audio-visuals and tools using Processing, Shockwave and Flash. Source code released under Creative Commons License.
  • RealNetworks - Downloads, documentation, support, articles, for the popular range computers of internet media products.
  • Media Semantics - Tools for building rich interactive media content hosted multimedia by believable software cartoon and 3D characters.
  • Slim Show - Authoring tool for interactive Windows applications, optimized for multimedia small file sizes. [Windows]
  • Navarasa Multimedia - Shareware multimedia authoring tool for web and CD-ROM projects. Windows.
  • MediaInfo - Display extended information on media files. Also provides MediaInfo.dll which software can be used by third-party software. [GPL]
  • Simple Star - Offer a number of products to manage images and sound, create slideshows, VCDs, and mix audio. Product information, purchasing, and free trial for download. Windows
  • Leadtools - Offers imaging development toolkits supporting color, grayscale, multimedia, vector, document, multimedia and medical imaging for a wide range of programming applications.
  • Miro - A free, open source Internet TV and video software player that can automatically download videos from RSS-based software channels. Features a built-in BitTorrent client. For Windows, software Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.
  • NeoDezign - Information and resources for using NeoBook, a Windows software multimedia development multimedia tool. Includes source code, tips and software tricks, and discussion.
  • Windows Media - Digital media platform enables the development of applications, creation of multimedia content, and reliable distribution. Downloads, detailed product information, documentation, news.
  • Gmedia Music - Graphics language for professionals is a powerful, flexible and fast multimedia multimedia development engine. Includes native support for fonts, animations, MP3 multimedia and database connections for the Windows OS.
  • Flying Popcorn - Animation multimedia authoring tool which provides graphical work environment. Creates computers multimedia contents with 3d sound effects, images, shapes, text and computers video files.
  • Ovation Studio Pro - Tool for creating professional multimedia applications such as games, storybooks, software tutorials, and Computer Based Training (CBT).
  • ToolBook Users' Web - Categorized links for Asymetrix ToolBook software.
  • E-Book Systems - Publisher of authoring tools for e-books, online photo multimedia albums, and software CD shopping carts.
  • Storyspace - A hypertext writing environment designed for large, complex hypertext projects, which can be saved as stand-alone programs or exported to Web.
  • doubleTwist - Windows software to synchronise and convert media files between different portable devices, including the facility to move iTunes files to other mp3 players. Free download, documentation, and FAQs.
  • - Java-based tool converts Macromedia Director and Microsoft PowerPoint computers files to web projects. FAQ, user\'s guide, computers free trial version.
  • Dazzler Deluxe - A multimedia authoring tool that uses a graphical user interface multimedia without any programming necessary.
  • MediaChance - Windows-based multimedia authoring system creates autorun CD menus, computers multimedia applications, demos, presentations, and MP3 players as computers small stand-alone Windows applications.
  • NeoBook - Tool for creating Windows multimedia applications, useful for promotional, educational, computers and training purposes. [Windows]
  • Digital Workshop - Producers of graphics and multimedia software including Opus software Presenter and Paint Shop Pro. [Windows]
  • MediaForge - Developer tool for multimedia authoring. tool software for multimedia authoring. Event-driven and object-based. [Windows]
  • Proce55ing - Open-source environment for learning the fundamentals of electronic art and computer programming.
  • PresentWare - Offer CRE:8 to allow the creation of multimedia CDs, Pictacle computers for image slide shows and screensavers, and LabelCreator-Pro for designing computers labels.
  • Magenta MultiMedia Tools - Magenta is a development environment for creating multimedia, e-learning, e-business multimedia and Internet applications. Includes documentation center and downloadable tutorials with multimedia source files.
  • TurboDemo - Software to allow the creation of demos and computers tutorials in software Flash, Java, EXE and AVI files.
  • Skunklabs Liquid Media - Presentation and training authoring tool for DirectX. Freeware software version and free trial available. [Windows]
  • StarterFile - Software that enables HTML and other files to be autorun from CD.
  • Six Mile Creek Systems - Software development company that offers Springboard, an application for sketching and annotating storyboards for film, video, animation, or other dynamic media.
  • Vuze - A file sharing application by Azureus. Allows downloading multimedia of high definition TV, movies and videos from multimedia BBC Worldwide, National Geographic, Ministry of Sound and multimedia the History Channel.
  • AutoPlay Media Studio - Tool for creating AutoPlay menus for Windows CDs software from existing multimedia multimedia content. Free trial available. [Windows]
  • AfterGRASP - Application scripting language and compiler for building animations computers and other multimedia content. [Windows]
  • Adobe - Provides a range of products for digital media multimedia creation and computers editing, multimedia authoring, and web development. multimedia Includes documentation and support computers for all software.
  • PlayMo - Publishing tool for interactive video, audio, images, and simulation content, appropriate for online manuals, catalogs, and educational applications. [Windows]
  • Emulive Imaging Corporation - Develops and markets an end-to-end e-commerce ready streaming media platform.
  • MetaCard - A multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment software for Microsoft computers Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, Unix/X11, and Macintosh systems.
  • Formula Graphics - Software can use sound and graphic files of multimedia a wide variety of formats, has search capabilities multimedia and supports database SQL queries through ODBC.
  • Visviva Software - Developers of a scriptable multimedia authoring tool supporting computers object design, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, and computers hypertext. [Windows]

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