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Main fields of application are cross-platform games and virtual reality systems. Unigine contains 3D graphics and physics engine, 3D GUI, script interpreter and sound support.

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See Also:
  • Autofact Inc. - A software company developing 3D computer graphics and computers point-clouds process system.
  • DirectX Developer Center (MSDN) - Includes information about Direct3D - a real time graphics library virtual reality primary for the window platform.
  • Blink 3D - A complete system for creating and viewing multi-user 3D environments or virtual worlds that can be published and viewed on the Web or locally.
  • Maelstrom - A leading immersive VR software production company.
  • OpenGL - Industry standard 3D graphics software library supported my virtual reality many platforms.
  • Flatland - Software for creating and viewing 3Dml - a computers mark up software lauguage aimed at the Internet.
  • DX Studio - Tools for building real time 2D and 3D virtual reality interactive software documents in DirectX 9. Results can virtual reality be embedded software using the ActiveX player, or run virtual reality as a standalone software exe.
  • Cyber-Anatomy Inc. - This site provides VR software and systems for computers learning anatomy. computers It allows the user to explore computers anatomy in 3D using computers the most advanced methods. computers The technology is available as turnkey computers systems, as computers VR software, and as desktop software.
  • Noble Ape - A public access development forum for artificial intelligence, virtual reality simulation software and virtual reality software.
  • VRMLmagic - An easy to use tool for creating interactive virtual reality 3D virtual reality (Virtual Reality) web pages in the VRML/X3D/Web3D virtual reality format.
  • VR Juggler - VR Juggler is an OpenSource (LGPL) virtual platform for VR application development.
  • INT3D System - Tool for creating virtual interactive 3D scenes for publishing on the World Wide Web.
  • WorldViz Vizard VR Toolkit - A virtual reality development interface. Its Python based virtual reality scripting virtual reality language makes 3D programming efficient and easy. virtual reality Virtual humans virtual reality can be instantly inserted into existing virtual reality environments.
  • Quest3D - Software package that can be used for large computers and small virtual reality virtual reality projects. Supports caves, multi-beamer computers setups, stereo projection, data virtual reality gloves, trackers and other computers VR equipment all driven by a virtual reality very fast computers 3D engine.
  • Unigine - Main fields of application are cross-platform games and computers virtual reality systems. Unigine contains 3D graphics and computers physics engine, 3D GUI, script interpreter and sound computers support.
  • Virtools VR Solutions - Virtools Virtual Reality solutions enable the easy creation virtual reality of virtual reality VR applications. Thanks to its visual programming virtual reality language development virtual reality is greatly simplified. Its support for virtual reality most industry standard virtual reality VR devices and displays (HMD, virtual reality CAVE, Reality Center) as virtual reality well

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