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From the OS-9 FAQ: In the 1980's, Microware ported OS-9 to the 68000 family of microprocessors, creating OS-9/68000, which is used in a variety of industrial and commercial arenas, including Philips' CD-i. Code is mostly portable from OS-9/6809 to OS-9/68000 at the high-level language source code level. Code is compatible within either OS-9/6809 or OS-9/68000 at the binary level."

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  • OS-9 World Wide Archive - Information, software, FAQ. Real Time Services, Inc.
  • OS9exec: OS-9 Emulator - Execution environment for OS-9/68k user-mode programs on host OSs: Linux, os-9 Mac OS classic and X; Windows 32. Open source, GPL. os-9 SourceForge.net.
  • OS-9 Samba File Manager - A software solution that enables Microware OS-9 users os-9 to participate in Microsoft networks with file and os-9 print services. It provides OS-9 users the ability os-9 to mount shared directories or printers on any os-9 Windows computer.
  • OS9Tools - Package of command line utilities to read/write RBF disk images, has 6809/6309 assembler. Open source, public domain. SourceForge.net.
  • Real-Time Services, Inc.: RTSI - Systems integrator and distributor for Microware Systems Corp.
  • RadiSys Microware OS-9 Blog - Official news, announcements.
  • RadiSys Corp. - Makes Microware OS-9, mature (over 25 years development), operating systems full-featured, operating systems multitasking realtime OS, with kernel, software components, operating systems development tools operating systems (IDE), networking, graphics, power management.
  • OS-9 - Frequently asked questions list.

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