Derivatives Development FreeBSD x BSD

Systems or software that is a derivative of FreeBSD.

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  • PicoBSD - Development project, which allows secure dialup access, small diskless development router on one standard 1.44MB floppy, runs on minimum 386SX development CPU with 8MB RAM, needs no hard disk. Description, documents, development downloads.
  • FreeSBIE: Free System Burned in Economy - Live CD project sponsored by main Italian FreeBSD derivatives User Group, development supports operating system that loads directly derivatives from a bootable CD, development with no install process derivatives or hard disk use.
  • PC-BSD Software - Pre-packaged customized FreeBSD installation has (KDE) BSD Desktop derivatives for a derivatives simple install and use replacement for derivatives Microsoft Windows.
  • DesktopBSD - Pre-packaged customized FreeBSD installation with (KDE) BSD Desktop derivatives for a freebsd simple install and use replacement for derivatives Microsoft Windows.
  • Quantix - FreeBSD derived microkernel, with X Windows; goal: fully freebsd POSIX compatible; development fast, small, efficient, powerful kernel.
  • FreeNAS: The Free NAS Server - Home of Network-Attached Storage server, supports: CIFS (samba), development FTP, NFS, derivatives RSYNC protocols, local user authentication, software development RAID (0,1,5) with full derivatives Web configuration interface. Minimal development FreeBSD distribution, Web interface, PHP scripts, derivatives documents, based
  • m0n0 - Home of m0n0wall (embedded full firewall package) and m0n0BSD (minimal derivatives FreeBSD for embedded use). Goal: when used with an embedded derivatives PC, has all important features of commercial firewall boxes; based derivatives on minimal BSD, web server, PHP, some other utilities.

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