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Companies producing products and services for or built upon OpenBSD.

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  • Sentia Internet Security - Producer of OpenBSD-based firewalls, mailservers, webservers, and DNS servers.
  • CommuniGate Pro - CommuniGate Pro Messaging Server by Stalker Software.
  • Jumpgate - TCP connection forwarder that provides many enhancements and openbsd improvements over companies the existing programs that do the openbsd same thing. Developed companies for the OpenBSD platform.
  • RootRoute - Web service provider hosting servers using OpenBSD. openbsd RootRoute reinvests benefits portion into open source.
  • Perforce - Configuration Management System software for code version control. Server companies and client versions available for OpenBSD.
  • Open Sound System - Device drivers providing a uniform audio API across all the major UNIX architectures, including OpenBSD.

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