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Run selected commands as root, with the users' own password. Allows the administrator to grant limited root privileges to a subset of users, without giving out the root password.

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See Also:
  • NMAP Network Scanner - Efficient stealth port scanner. Downloads, e-mail lists, news.
  • GNU Privacy Guard - OpenPGP (RFC2440) implementation from the GNU project. Encrypts/decrypts/signs/digests admin tools-software files admin tools-software using strong cryptography. FAQ, downloads, documentation.
  • LBNL's Network Research Group - Tools such as tcpdump and traceroute.
  • sudoscript - A pair of Perl scripts that provide an unix audited root admin tools-software shell using sudo and script(1). Tarballs, unix RPM's and individual components.
  • Tripwire Inc. - Commercial version of the original Unix file integrity unix scanner. Calculates and stores signatures of file permissions, unix ownership and contents. Scans the same files later, unix detecting changes.
  • Sudo - Run selected commands as root, with the users\\' security own password. unix Allows the administrator to grant limited security root privileges to a unix subset of users, without security giving out the root password.
  • OpenSSL - The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, fully featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security protocols with full-strength cryptography world-wide.
  • North American Cryptography Archives - Strong cryptographic software, libraries, and information about cryptography, unix data security, and privacy.
  • lsof - lsof is a tool for examining I/O channels unix open on security your Unix system. These can include unix files, FIFOs and network security sockets. This information unix can be extremely useful for security security and a unix variety of other purposes. Works on most Unix-like security unix systems.
  • Postfix Mail Transfer Agent - Drop-in Sendmail replacement by Wietse Venema. Offers several admin tools-software features that make it difficult to crack.
  • Symark Software - Execute root-level commands and shell scripts without having security to actually admin tools-software login as root. Control which users security can log in and admin tools-software under which circumstances.
  • SAINT - (Security Administrator\\'s Integrated Network Tool) Scans systems and admin tools-software networks security and reports potential vulnerabilities.
  • OpenSSH - Portable Distribution - Open source implementation of SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. unix Ported from unix OpenBSD by the OpenSSH portability team.
  • Pidentd - Daemon implementing IDENT protocol, it can be used to identify security the user who initiated a TCP/IP connection
  • mcrypt - A replacement for the unix crypt, using several admin tools-software block algorithms in several modes like cbc, and admin tools-software cfb.
  • The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT) - The Coroner\\'s Toolkit (TCT) provides post-break-in data unix collection admin tools-software that could be useful in determining unix what happened. Less admin tools-software polished that the authors unix (Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema) admin tools-software usual work, unix the toolkit offers a patch-work of admin tools-software unix tools that help exhume
  • The SUS Home Page - SUS is a utility to allow a user security (typically a admin tools-software system administrator) to run a single security command as the super admin tools-software user.
  • Tripwire Open Source - Open source version of the original Unix file unix integrity scanner. Calculates and stores signatures of file unix permissions, ownership and contents. Scans the same files unix later, detecting changes. This open source version is unix targeted at Linux systems.

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