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Powerful and easy to use set of 50+ DOS filters integrated into one exe that can be combined like building blocks into mini-programs called pipes to solve those everyday text processing tasks.

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  • SuperDIR - An enhanced directory listing utility that replaces the utilities DOS DIR shareware command. It has all the features utilities of the DIR command shareware plus a huge array utilities of other useful features.
  • NovSync - Device driver that keeps workstation clocks in sync with the shareware server on Novell Networks. Security feature prevents the user from shareware tampering with the time. Works under DOS and Win/95/98.
  • Network Survival Kit - The Network Survival Kit is a collection of utilities DOS utilities shareware for network administrators. Novell NetWare aware. utilities File managers, Menu, MarxMenu, shareware IniTyme, BatZap, WhoHas, Editor, utilities and other utilities.
  • Mo'Slo - Slows running of DOS and Windows programs that are too shareware fast on Intel-compatible CPUs and DOS emulators.
  • Captain Nemo - File manager for accessing Novell drives from a shareware DOS or Windows environment.
  • IniTyme - DOS utility that is used to update windows dos INI files. utilities Many conditionals supported. Runs IniTool and dos IniMan control files. For utilities network supervisors who want dos to automatically change INI files under utilities program control.
  • The Main Menu - Utility that is ideal as a boot-up menu utilities for computer novices who never will master DOS utilities commands.
  • Archive Converter - The ACVT program is a utility to convert one type of archive into another.
  • HWiNFO - Hardware Info Program that Detects and displays information utilities about the shareware hardware in a PC. Can also utilities perform CPU, FPU, MMX shareware and disk benchmarks and utilities run CPU errata tests.
  • Computer Tyme - MarxMenu is a network aware dos menu system dos and job shareware control language. MarxMenu can read Novell dos NetWare group and user shareware information and can show dos menus based on who the user shareware is. Utility dos for Novell Network Administrators.
  • LongSave - Saves Long File Names - Will save the list of long file names shareware and short shareware names to a comma delimited ascii shareware text file.
  • DOSPRN - Use old favorite DOS programs with new printers independently of their types, even USB. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, and downloads.
  • BatKit - Utilities collection to make batch files more useful and interactive.
  • BatZap - DOS utility to modify and update batch and other text dos files on a network. Modify AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, NET.CFG. Many conditionals dos supported. Can copy or update files conditionally.
  • Volkov Commander - Official home of the compact, powerful Norton Commander shareware clone. Freely shareware download of the newest version.
  • TexTools - Powerful and easy to use set of 50+ shareware DOS filters integrated into one exe shareware that can be combined like building shareware blocks into mini-programs called pipes to solve those shareware everyday text processing tasks.
  • CleanTxt - DOS utility to clean and convert text files between DOS dos and UNIX formats. Also removes white space on line ends dos and wraps long lines, expands tabs. Wildcard and subdirectory support. dos Long file names supported under Win95/98.

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