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DOS file managers are mostly text-view, though some do use a mouse if one is installed. As the operating system is no longer maintained by its original manufacturer, many of the early and famous DOS file managers, Norton Commander, XTree, and DOSShell are also only supported by a fan base, but it is a large and enthusiastic fan base.

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See Also:
  • The FreeDOS Shell - An open source clone of Dos Shell originally file managers written dos for FreeDOS. Download links and a screenshot file managers are available.
  • Jeffrey C. Johnson - Inventor of the directory tree and XTreeGold tells the XTree file managers story.
  • Unofficial Volkov Commander Site - Fan page for the Norton Commander clone program. file management Instructions on installation, use, and download, icons, fonts, file management and plugin utilities.
  • Volkov Commander - Official homepage of the NC-Clone, free download of file management the file management latest version. English and German versions.
  • XTree Fan Page - Dedicated to the legendary XTree filemanager, containing version file managers history, survey of Shareware-clones, tips and tricks, download file managers section, FAQ.

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