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Calculator that performs the basic arithmetic operations on fractions and then at the press of a button gives you a detailed explanation of how the computation was done.

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See Also:
  • Virtual Calc - A calculator that supports unconstrained bases and infinite windows precision. Replaces mathematics limited calculator in Windows.
  • GraphCalc - A calculator to use for a variety of calculators purposes, including windows the production of 2D, and 3D calculators Euclidean, and Polar graphs.
  • Moffsoft Calculator - A replacement for the existing Windows calculator, features mathematics include a mathematics history tape, sizeable display, tray icon mathematics and visible memory value.
  • Expression Calculator - Performs over a hundred simple, and complex calculations, calculators with the mathematics ability to make several calculations simultaneously. calculators Functions range from simple mathematics trigonometry, to Gaussian calculators integrals, through 2D plots. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
  • The Mother of All Calculators - Kalkulator is a powerful yet simple to use calculators calculator and numerical Swiss army knife for Windows calculators (95..XP), with features making it especially suitable for calculators scientific and engineering users, including students of these calculators disciplines.
  • Calc 3D Pro - Calculator for vectors, matrices, complex numbers, coordinates, function windows plotting and intersections. Cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinates windows can be transformed into each other. Also integrated: windows editor, arithmetic trainer, calendar, and help file.
  • AnalyticMath - AnalyticMath is a platform independent (Windows, Linux, etc.) mathematics program with a powerful editor and many integrated features that will allow you to expand and/or simplify algebraic expressions quickly and easily.
  • CalculatorX - Enhanced Expression Calculator - CalculatorX is an enhanced expression calculator. It supports Arithmetic, Logic, mathematics Bitwise and Relation operations. Constants and built-in functions can also mathematics be used in it.
  • System Essentials - CalcPac - Software that emulates popular handheld calculators like the mathematics HP-12C, TI-36X and others. CalcPac contain hundreds of mathematics business and financial functions that can solve the mathematics most difficult problems.
  • Machinist's Calculator - Calculator for common machine shop math problems.
  • BAC Computer Software - Calculator that performs the basic arithmetic operations on mathematics fractions and then at the press of a mathematics button gives you a detailed explanation of how mathematics the computation was done.
  • HiDigit - Scientific calculator with extended capabilities for Windows.
  • NumberMate - Arithmetic and scientific calculator, adding machine, and time mathematics calculator that calculators records and documents calculations on multiple mathematics tapes that can be calculators edited.
  • GraphiCal - A configurable graphics calculator, which displays graphical representations windows of expressions and formulas, and lets you visualize windows parameter changes as video clips. Requires VB6 and windows MFC42 Runtime files. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]

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