Anti-Virus Security Windows Shareware

Process and startup manager with advanced log. It helps to remove viral malicious code such as Trojan horses, and spyware.

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See Also:
  • AdvancedForce - DrWeb - Anti-Virus for Workstations will automatically eliminate all of the detected viruses, worms, Trojans, and blocks and reports any malicious behavior.
  • Panda Antivirus Platinum - Offers maximum protection against over 50,000 viruses, malicious security Java applets, windows ActiveX applications, the Internet, e-mail and security Trojan horses. The interface windows resembles Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Kaspersky Lab - A wide range of anti virus solutions for both individual anti-virus users and corporate networks of any scale.
  • ADinf Anti-Virus Software - Russian anti-virus and security tool.
  • Avast! Antivirus - Provides antivirus protection for home and business.
  • Quick Heal - Provides windows based anti virus and security software.
  • Digital Patrol - Monitor capable of finding and deleting viruses and windows trojan programs.
  • PC Tools - Antivirus utility. Detection, prevention and removal of virus.
  • DrWeb Virenscanner - Doctor Web, a new generation scanner, searches and kills file security and boot viruses, as well as combination viruses, which infect security files and boot sectors.
  • InVircible - Software package for virus protection, data defense, security disaster prevention, and recovery. It doesn\'t require constant security updates. (Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000)
  • Symantec Trialware - Allows you to download trial version of Norton Anti-Virus.
  • McAfee - Download the trial versions of Anti Virus utilities.
  • Proland Software - Developer of Protector Plus for Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT server and workstation, Windows 2000, DOS, and NetWare servers.
  • Greatis Software - Flagship product is RegRun II a powerful and windows totally unique windows Windows startup manager and a universal windows anti Trojan detector. Other windows products incorporate utilities, communications, windows developing tools, and editors.
  • Zbshareware Lab - Prevents viruses trying to attack via USB disk.
  • AnVir Task Manager - Process and startup manager with advanced log. It windows helps to remove viral malicious code such as windows Trojan horses, and spyware.
  • Mamutu - Monitors active programs for dangerous behavior and blocks malware.
  • Port Scanner - Network tcp and ip security analyzer. AATools Port windows scanner analyzes security hosts and all of the different windows services started on them.
  • MicroWorld eScan Anti-Virus - Protect personal computers from threats.
  • - Anti virus package for home and corporate users.
  • FAB IT Solutions - Free WScript.KaK.Worm removal software.
  • Perforin - Scans for and disinfects hundreds of known Word macro viruses. anti-virus (Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000)
  • V-Buster - An anti virus software capable to scan, detect anti-virus and clean anti-virus for over 55,000 computer viruses and anti-virus repair infected partition table anti-virus and boot sector. [DOS/Win3.x/95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP]
  • TrustPort - Provides antivirus solutions for personal computers and servers.
  • Prevx - Stop attacks from many forms of malicious programs anti-virus on the Internet.
  • HouseCall - Free online virus scanner. By Trend Micro, Incorporated.
  • Viralock - Zero Escape for Email Viruses - Prevent the spread of e-mail viruses and worms, known or anti-virus unknown. It intercepts all e-mail, encrypting addresses on in-coming mail, anti-virus and decrypting addresses on out-going mail.
  • RAV AntiVirus Desktop - Almost any type of virus can be detected windows and removed, including polymorphic, macro and Java viruses. windows It includes heuristic methods for detecting new, or windows unknown viruses in memory. (Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000)
  • Is3 Antivirus - Download the trial version of antivirus utility.
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  • Agnitum Antivirus - Antivirus software. Prevents personal information from be stolen.[ATOM]
  • NuWave - Deploys multi-core antivirus engines.[ATOM]

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