Parental Control Security Windows Shareware

Finds and removes pornographic media files from a PCs hard drive. Detects skin color in movies and images to help identify nudity.

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See Also:
  • Quality Time - Software limits computer usage to particular times of parental control the day, and limits individuals to an amount parental control of time within those periods, warning users before parental control time runs out.
  • Chaperone - Designed to control how and when a computer is used. It allows parents to control computer use by minors, including access to MSN, Yahoo, AOL and other chat programs.
  • Surf Spy - Invisible monitoring of Internet activity. Captures the windows URL of parental control every visited web site and stores windows it to an encrypted parental control file. (Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)
  • ModemLockDown - Disables access to the Internet by preventing use parental control of Dialup, DSL or Cable modems. Time and parental control User based locking.
  • Data Apples Corporation - Suntereo is a parental control software for the Internet that parental control will allow parents to decide what sites can be viewed. parental control Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.
  • Surfwall Home - Filtering tool which automatically blocks all adult websites parental control listed security on central server, and manually allows / parental control blocks specified security websites
  • Brightfilter - Protects against spyware, phishing, malware and inappropriate website parental control content. windows Annual fee.
  • Parental Key - Controls access to a PC by blocking application and internet parental control use. Requires the insertion of any standard USB storage device parental control that has been configured by the software.
  • Internet Lock - Controls internet usage, denying/allowing any program TCP/IP port access as necessary. Password protects internet connection, password protects web browsers.
  • WatchDog - Monitors computer usage with screenshots logging and remote monitoring, tracks parental control and controls access to applications and internet with programmable schedule.
  • iMonitorPC - Monitors application usage, website and chat activity, filters parental control internet windows content and limits application usage.
  • Ez Internet Timer - Allows time management and control of Internet activity windows on a windows family PC.
  • Chat Stalker - Intercepts chat traffic and stores for later review.
  • Redhand Security - Description summaries of the most popular tools available security for protecting security children from pornography and inappropriate material.
  • We-Blocker - Free internet filter with pre-blacklisted and user-specified websites blocking, and inappropriate keyword detection (preset and user defined).
  • Mom Says No - Provides control over when and for how long, security each user of the PC will have access security to MSN Messenger and optionally, the worldwide web.
  • My Nabyoo Clean Zone - Internet filter with chat and peer-to-peer blocking, activity windows logging, automatic windows screencaptures, password control.
  • TimesUpKidz - Helps parents enforce time limits on their kids\' security computer use.
  • PinPoint Auditor - Enterprise software for scanning computers for inappropriate material. windows Capable of security analyzing networked computers from a remote windows PC. Includes reporting and security other enterprise functions.
  • Privacy Windows - Contains user time controls, internet filtering, programmable file access, software installation control and registry repair functions.
  • Netintelligence - Combining Anti Virus, Web filtering, IM recording, time controls withapplication monitoring. Licensed for up to 3 PCs.
  • Vista User Time Manager - Allows parents to specify when and how long parental control the computer can be used, and define users parental control which will be allowed to use the computer parental control without any limits. Has scheduled time intervals as parental control well as hours per day limits.
  • iNet Protector - Restrict access to the Web and password protect Internet connection.
  • PC Home Software - Tools to restrict kids time and resource usage.
  • Security Software Systems - Offers various software packages to filter, block, and monitor Internet security and application use; for home, business, education, and government.
  • File Sharing Sentinel - Prevents installation and use of peer to peer windows file sharing security software such as Kazaa, Morpheus, Bearshare, windows etc. Free for personal security use.
  • Time Boss - PC access management program with simple interface and multilanguage support. windows Allows user to set time limits for PC use and windows to forbid the use of specified programs.
  • Bsafe Online - Offers content filtering software.
  • Parental Control .org - Various information and links to parental control reviews security and articles.
  • TimeWatcher - Control children\\'s computer access and how long they security are using security the computer.
  • Media Detective - Finds and removes pornographic media files from a PCs hard windows drive. Detects skin color in movies and images to help windows identify nudity.
  • PC Tattletale - Monitors internet activity, chat rooms, email, keystrokes, as security well as parental control acting as an internet filter.
  • CleanComputer - Listing of software tools aimed at cleaning computer systems and windows preventing offensive material from getting in.
  • Win Nanny - Access control program allows time limits to be windows set for each user.
  • Zort Labs - Provider of netblox internet security hardware. Blocks windows offensive websites, virus and spyware downloads. Controls and windows monitors instant messaging activity. Manages time limits on windows online gaming.
  • AllowBlock - Blocks or allows visitation of websites based on windows predefined keywords windows or domain names.
  • PC Chaperone - Includes internet filtering, recording of activity in AOL, windows MSN, and windows Yahoo Instant Messenger, access control, keystroke windows logging, installation prevention.
  • Perfect Keylogger - Keylogger with remote installation function, records keystrokes, ICQ/AIM security chats, websites security visited, makes screenshots and monitors the security clipboard.
  • MoM Web Monitor - Supervisor utility for URL logging, tracking and recording screen shots parental control of Internet activity.
  • SentryPC - Allows parents to filter, monitor, and schedule computer, windows internet, and windows application use for all users of windows the computer.
  • Integard - Incorporates internet filtering, search engine filtering, predator protection, parental control remote parental control monitoring, chat filtering and monitoring.
  • KidSplorer - Allows children to safely browse the internet unsupervised, windows by preventing windows access to objectionable materials and sites.
  • Advanced Parental Control - Restricts access to the computer and Internet by time and security by website, and monitors / records user activity.
  • SmartBlock - Filters incoming internet sites including pornographic, sexual, hate, parental control violence, windows gambling, and other offensive content. (Win 95/98/Me)
  • ComputerTime - Lets parents set limits on the amount of security time and the time of day when their security children can use the computer.

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