Taskbar Tools Management Desktop and System Utilities

Windows 95/98/NT system-tray utility that allows you to set a window to be always on top of other windows, hide windows, automatically adjust windows, and easily find windows and desktop items.

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  • WinDate Calculator - Utility program to perform date calculations. Automatically converts management Gregorian dates to Julian or vice versa and management displays the week number for any date you management select. Product specifications, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Trayer - Minimize applications to the System Tray instead of desktop and system the taskbar. Some features include allowing configuration of desktop and system the target application and save the settings to desktop and system a shortcut, and password protection.
  • Actual Windows Minimizer - Minimize any application to a small icon in the System Tray or to any screen edge, save the taskbar and desktop space and use them in a more efficient manner. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP]
  • 12Ghosts ShowTime - Displays the date or day of week in taskbar tools the desktop and system System Tray area of the Taskbar set taskbar tools the date desktop and system and time format, and the fonts taskbar tools and color to desktop and system display. A floating window can taskbar tools also be kept on desktop and system screen to display the taskbar tools time and date.
  • SysTrayX - Take full advantage of the system tray by desktop and system desktop and system hiding some of the less used icons from desktop and system desktop and system the system tray. Provides recovery for those icons desktop and system desktop and system if anything happens.
  • 4t Tray Minimizer - Run applications minimized as System Tray icons, which desktop and system management helps free up space on the taskbar.
  • Consiliumsoft - CSFast Run integrates a pop-up menu into the task bar. management Feature set: easily adds to the list. Right mouse click management on any file and select add to Fast Run.
  • Taskbar Hide - Hide programs quickly through a hotkey or as management an icon management in system tray.
  • Windows Taskbar Commander - Rearrange programs within the taskbar and have it management remember favorite locations on the taskbar.
  • 1st Clock - Taskbar clock replacement with fully customizable clock display, management alarms, atomic time synchronization, and popup calendar, time management zones and with other features
  • PS Tray Factory - Tool for controlling icons in taskbar\\'s system tray desktop and system management area. Product specifications, screenshots, FAQs, and downloads.
  • Full Screen - A system tray-based desktop management tool that lets taskbar tools you management instantly make a (child or top-level) window taskbar tools full screen management by a simple mouse click. Free taskbar tools evaluation download.
  • SoftProfile Juggler - Windows 95/98/NT system-tray utility that allows you to management set a taskbar tools window to be always on top management of other windows, hide taskbar tools windows, automatically adjust windows, management and easily find windows and desktop taskbar tools items.
  • Iconic Tray - Utility to minimize any window either to the desktop and system taskbar tools system tray, or to a special new tray. desktop and system taskbar tools Minimizing can be carried out with mouse clicks desktop and system taskbar tools and/or hotkeys. [Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP]
  • TrayDay - Shows today\\'s date in the System Tray area desktop and system of the Taskbar and gives a quick method desktop and system of inserting the date into applications.
  • WinTabs - Program to access multiple documents while using various Windows programs. Adds to the caption bar a series of tabs, each representing an open document. Runs in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar.

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