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Optimization tools for making PC running faster and more stable. Helps to correct on how Windows startup programs are loaded.

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  • Auto ShutDown XP Professional - Software to shut the PC down at a management pre-determined time. desktop and system Key functions include: Schedules - Shutdown management can now be based desktop and system on daily, weekly or management a specific date schedule. Conditional shutdown, desktop and system ASD can management now be used as conditional shutdown of the desktop and system management PC.
  • FailSafe - Recover from Windows crashes. Save and restore CMOS utilities settings and desktop and system restore the Registry and .INI files. utilities Backup and restore the desktop and system entire C drive to utilities any other hard drive or CD desktop and system writtable drive.
  • Decisoft Edit Buddy - Small Windows add-on, which converts regular edit fields into drop-down utilities combo boxes, where it remembers the history of user input. utilities It also enhances File Open and File Save dialog boxes utilities with the list of most recently used folders. [Windows 2000/ME/NT/98/95
  • Auto Shutdown Timer - Shutdown timer software that shuts down the computer utilities at a utilities time period indicated.
  • Tweaking Toolbox for Windows - Program designed to changes registry settings for Windows, utilities improving appearance, security and performance.
  • Efreesky Software - MagicTweak is a special Tweaking Tool designed to desktop and system management optimize and personalize Windows Me/9X/95/98/98/SE/XP looks, feels and desktop and system management performance.
  • GigaMind Systems Windows Hide Master - Hide all windows on the desktop with secret desktop and system key combinations.
  • AllToTray - Remove any minimized program from the Taskbar and utilities minimize it desktop and system to the System Tray. This tool utilities is useful for Outlook desktop and system Express, Internet Explorer, Microsoft utilities Excel, Microsoft Word and many other desktop and system programs.
  • Access Folders - Utility that provides fast access to the most-often used folders utilities in Open/Save dialogs. Provides integration with Windows Explorer shell and utilities minimizes to the system tray, and can be automatically loaded utilities at start-up. [Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP]
  • Actual Title Buttons - Add the Minimize To Tray and Stay On management Top buttons to any windows title bar next management to Min/Max/Close.
  • DocCommander - Replacement for the standard Open and Save dialog management box of management Windows. Features file search with various management criteria, Quick access to management favorite folders. Formats supported management are BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, DOC management (Word), PPT management (PowerPoint), XLS (Excel), WMF, HTML, and even e-mai
  • PowerBar - A toolbar which offers virtual desktop management, Email utilities checking, scheduler, desktop and system clipboard enhancement, hotkeys, and screen capture.
  • SysTweak-Boost XP - Tweaking and optimizing toolbox to fine-tune Windows, and management Internet Explorer. [Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP]
  • NeSoft, Inc. - Absurd Terminator permits the shutdown, restarts, or log off Windows management using hotkeys or by clicking on a system tray icon. management Other products: Alt Super Panel, Alt MP3 ScreenSaver Player. [Windows management 9x/Me/2000]
  • Startup Faster! 2004 - Optimization tools for making PC running faster and utilities more stable. management Helps to correct on how Windows utilities startup programs are loaded.
  • Shutdown utilities - Automatic shutdown and reboot for Windows 95/98/NT with management week scheme utilities and various features.
  • LogonExpert - Autologon system tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista 32/64bit that management provides users with instant, delayed and scheduled automatic management logon and logoff. Can auto-lock computer to prevent management desktop access after autologon.

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