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Vern 3.2 is a virtual environment resource navigator. Allows you to have many programs running at once with each occupying its own Virtual Screen.

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  • Xdesk - Create up to ten virtual desktops and switch between them with hotkeys, a menu, or by clicking buttons in the System Tray area of the Taskbar. Other features include powerful rules, reminders, alarms, a CPU meter, auto restarting of applications, and easy
  • Active Desktop Calendar - Customizable and interactive PIM with notes, tasks and alarms, that management displays data on the desktop wallpaper.
  • Flash Desktops - The first real-time virtual desktop manager, the windows desktop and system are switched as fast as possible, with virtually desktop and system no overhead. Optimizations range from superfast hooks to desktop and system avoid polling to pipeline multithread internal structure and desktop and system Windows API scheduling to optim
  • Stardock - Developer of various desktop managers, and Windows skinning software.
  • TriPlus Technologies - WinSpace is a virtual desktop utility developed to virtual managers increase desktop space on the Windows operating system. virtual managers It creates easily accessible multiple workspaces in memory.
  • WinTiles Plus - Automate the arrangement of desktop windows in a variety of management layouts.
  • One Guy Coding - Vern 3.2 is a virtual environment resource navigator. virtual managers Allows desktop and system you to have many programs running at virtual managers once with desktop and system each occupying its own Virtual Screen.
  • Gladiators - Author of Aston, desktop manager and shell replacement, AltDesk, virtual desktop and system desktop manager with skin support, and Docbar, MS Word 95/97 desktop and system utility.
  • Cool Desk - Creates up to nine desktops and supports skins, desktop and system virtual managers each can have its own applications, icons, wallpaper desktop and system virtual managers and display resolution. Supports hotkeys, mouse wheel and desktop and system virtual managers multilanguage interface.
  • DynaDeskXP - Window manager with a map of the desktop conveniently located in the Windows taskbar. Includes full support for the multiple monitor virtual screen. Will also work with various virtual desktop window managers that create desktops.
  • Greatis Software DesktopKeeper - Utility to arrange the desktop icons in the management way that desktop and system best for themselves. Software includes a management virtual desktop manager, wallpaper desktop and system manager, windows manager, desktop management icons protector, desktop intruders\\' locker and desktop and system others. [Windows management 95/98/ME/NT4/2000]
  • Perfect Screens - Create unlimited number of virtual screens, each screen virtual managers has its own application toolbar and screen menu, virtual managers quick application and file and directory access, sticky virtual managers windows, user-defined hot-keys, multi-user and network support. Copy virtual managers and move applications bet
  • DesktopPlus - Organize your workspace by dividing your workspace into desktop and system as many as nine Virtual Desktops. Switch between desktop and system the Desktops by using any one of the desktop and system four control methods, which include a floating toolbar, desktop and system tray-based icons, shortcuts, and hotkeys. For Windows 95/
  • Robin Keir's BossKey - Virtual desktop switcher for up to ten desktops, virtual managers hot-key management switching and windows can be designated always virtual managers visible.
  • enable Virtual Desktop - A virtual desktop utility that allows you to desktop and system set up different appearances of wallpaper, patterns, and desktop and system colors for each of your desktops. Switch between desktop and system desks and windows quickly and easily fully customizable desktop and system mini-window lets you see exactly what is on desktop and system each
  • GoScreen - Switch between up to 40 virtual desktops. Have applications running on separate virtual pages. Operate the program with the configuration file instead of Windows Registry.
  • ManageDesk - Virtual desktop manager for Windows with simple drag desktop and system management and drop interface. Product specifications, screen shots, and desktop and system management trial download.
  • Virtual Desktop 1.1 - Desktop manager to create up to eight virtual desktops and desktop and system switch among them. Each desktop may have own wallpaper and desktop and system screensaver, support skins. In addition, integrated network clock to keep desktop and system the computer time accurate. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000]

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