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The author -Steve Mcconnell - talks about his experiences in the field of software engineering and more specifically on best practices in the Software Construction phase.

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  • Succeeding With Use Cases - Working Smart to Deliver Quality [Author's Website] - This book discusses how to complement use cases software engineering with books Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Software Reliability Engineering software engineering (SRE), Model-Based books Specification (preconditions, postconditions and invariants), Requirements software engineering Configuration Management, and books Project Po
  • Object-Oriented Software Engineering - A textbook about software engineering aimed at second-year software engineering university software students who already have a background in software engineering OO programming software using Java. Focuses on UML and software engineering includes many exercises. software Published by McGraw-Hill in 2001. software engineering By Timothy C. Lethbridge software and Robert La
  • Practical Software Requirements - By Benjamin Kovitz; Manning Publications Co., 1998, ISBN software 1884777597. A books guidebook for the programmer or manager software writing requirements for the books first time, as well software as the experienced system analyst. [publisher books website]
  • Book Review: Software Engineering with Java - This is a review of "Software Engineering with books Java", written by Stephen Schach, reviewed by A. books O\'Riordan, from ACM Crossroads Winter 1999 issue.
  • Guide to the SWEBOK - The IEEE\\'s Software Engineering Body of Knowledge categorizes books the domain of software engineering. Available online, the books document describes the generally accepted knowledge required of books software engineers.
  • Code Complete Official Website - The author -Steve Mcconnell - talks about his software engineering experiences software in the field of software engineering and software engineering more specifically software on best practices in the Software software engineering Construction phase.
  • The Mythical Man Month Review - A review of The Mythical Man Month by books Dr Dobbs Journal.
  • Software Assessment: Reliability, Safety, Testability - Description, contents, reviews, and ordering information for this software book by software engineering Michael Friedman and Jeffrey Voas.
  • The Craft of Computer Programming Electronic Book Web site - A book for beginners who want to learn software how to program and a refresher for experienced software programmers
  • Function Point Training Manual [Free Download] - Function point training manual by David H. Longstreet. books The manual describes the process of Function Point books Counting in detail, along with several case studies books and examples.

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