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SEI is a federal research center whose mission is to advance the state of the practice of software engineering to improve the quality of systems that depend on software. SEI accomplishes this mission by promoting the evolution of software engineering from

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  • TheDevShop - Offers tools and add-ons to enhance the Cool:Gen computers development environment.
  • MR Control Ltd - Independent systems integrator providing custom built control systems, bespoke software, training and technical support.
  • Hendrickson Components - Microsoft DNA software architects, software engineering, and development.
  • Software Engineering Institute (SEI) - SEI is a federal research center whose mission is to advance the state of the practice of software engineering to improve the quality of systems that depend on software. SEI accomplishes this mission by promoting the evolution of software engineering from
  • Software Development Resources - Whole variety of resources courtesy of Construx Software software engineering Builders software Inc.
  • Dr Patch - Your total patch solution - Dr Patch Limited provide a solution that will answer all software engineering your software updating needs. With the combination of daily software engineering email, The Ultimate Patch Collection and the Patch Private Eye, software engineering we will solve your patch requirements. For less than software engineering one person hour per
  • GTD systems and software engineering - Systems engineering high-tech company leader in space, defence, science, and software engineering energy.
  • Software Quality Institute (SQI) - UT Austin, Organization for Software Engineering Professionals, Conferences, Seminars, Certification software engineering Programs, MSEE Degree Program, Sponsorship of Conference
  • Analyst Pro - A tool for systems analysts and software engineers to manage software engineering software requirements and test cases throughout the system life cycle.
  • PERA Enterprise Integration Web Site - Contains information on the PERA Enterprise Model including planning, reference software architecture and project execution principles.
  • David Consulting Group - Provides CMMI and software process improvement, software measurement, computers sizing, metrics, computers and benchmarking and function point counting computers consulting.
  • Software Engineering Radio - The podcast provides lasting tutorials and interviews for software engineering professional software developers.
  • Newman & Spurr Consultancy Ltd - A software engineering company based in Camberley, Surrey, software engineering specialising in simulations, mathematical modelling, wargames, operational software engineering analysis, graphical interfaces and database design.
  • RAISE - Describes a language, method and tools known computers as the software Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering.
  • Teoco Corporation - Provides practical solutions for complex distributed information systems software in such software diverse industries as telecommunications, energy, and software financial services. We specialize software in the areas of software software engineering, systems engineering, application systems software develop
  • International Function Point User Group - A non-profit organization promoting the use of function point analysis software and other software metrics.
  • Software Architecture, Architects and Architecting - Provides resources for software architects, answers such questions software engineering as software engineering "what is software architecture" and "why is software engineering it important", software engineering and covers the architecting process and software engineering role of the software engineering architect.
  • Critical Software - Develops and markets software products for business and software engineering mission computers critical information systems, and provide consulting and software engineering engineering services computers for enterprises.
  • IDEMCOP Project - Information about the Estelle language and methodology used in developing software based on communicating components.
  • Vanteon - Providing outsourced Windows software design, development, quality assurance software engineering and testing services and solutions.
  • Offshore Software Success - Provides news, commentary, tips, how to, and best software engineering practices computers for outsourcing software development and hiring freelance software engineering programming talent.
  • SESA - Systems Engineering Society of Australia - Events, forum, regional chapters, resources, management.
  • Object-Oriented Project Size Estimator - Provides information on the Oopsize system for estimating the time computers required to develop an object oriented project.
  • Amarco - A CASE tool which uses a service oriented method along three axes: service, structure, and behavior/activity. Integrates the Visio drawing tool and draws automatically from a database repository (Sql server, Access).
  • Telelogic - Supplier of tools for analysis, design and testing software of real-time applications.
  • Software Productivity Research - Software process management articles, tools, and consulting, led software by Capers software engineering Jones.
  • VEGA Group Plc - Independent program and system assurance company, offering consulting software engineering and technology services to the space, defence and software engineering government sectors.
  • microTOOL - Develops and support tools for software engineering, process computers control, version and configuration management.
  • Omni-Vista, Inc. - Provides tools and training for software product planning, software engineering software computers project management, and requirements management.
  • Netron Incorporated - Offers products and services to help accelerate e-business implementation through legacy renewal and reengineering.
  • Advantage Gen Email List and Resource Page - Home of the (un)official peer-support Avantage Gen (formerly known as Cool:GEN) mailing list. Topics include CBD, action diagraming, how-to. Also contains Gen related links and information files.

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