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A document class designed to be used in place of 'article', when a hi-tech business (rather than academic) style is required. Includes documentation and file download.

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LaTeX on the CTAN* - The macros/latex section of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. Most existing LaTeX packages are collected there.

  • AMSFonts - Special fonts for math typesetting going along with AMS-LaTeX. macros Metafont sources, supporting macro files, font metrics, and PK macros files, and reference to Type 1 (PostScript) versions.
  • Seminar - A package for slides with a lot of flexibility and functionality.
  • The Listings Package - Source code printer for LaTeX. Download, known problems tex and news.
  • AMS: snapshot - Helps the owner of a LaTeX document to tex obtain a macros list of the external dependencies of tex the document.
  • LaTeX3 Experimental Code - LaTeX2e packages that implement some of the concepts and ideas macros for LaTeX3, experimental and intended for public discussion.
  • AMS-LaTeX - Classes for typesetting an AMS article or book latex and packages tex enhancing LaTeX\\'s mathematical typesetting. Considered a latex required package of any tex LaTeX installation.
  • The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle - Consists of the web, exerquiz, insdljs and dljslib macros packages for electronic education. Web page contains source, macros documentation and samples.
  • Typesetting Critical Editions with LaTeX: ledmac, ledpar and ledarab - Ledmac is a package for typesetting critical editions. macros It is tex a LaTeX port, and extension, macros of the plain TeX tex EDMAC, TABMAC and EDSTANZA macros macros.
  • A LaTeXperiment of Hieroglyphic Typesetting - Fonts and macros for writing hieroglyphics in LaTeX.
  • TeXPower - A package for dynamic (online) presentations with LaTeX. Sourceforge project macros page with CVS access, bug tracker, forums and mailing lists.
  • Hitec - A document class designed to be used in place of \\'article\\', when a hi-tech business (rather than academic) style is required. Includes documentation and file download.
  • Booktabs - Style file containing commands to enhance the quality of the latex LaTeX table environments. Download and documentation.
  • BiBTeX Bibliography and LaTeX Style Formats for Molecular Biologists - Style files for a number of journals, and other resources.
  • IEEE Author Digital Toolbox - Include style manual, and a LaTeX class for tex IEEE Transactions, tex Journals, Magazines and Letters. This page tex also has author information tex including FAQs, a BibTeX tex style file and an MS Word tex template.
  • AMS: amsrefs - Permits bibliography style to be controlled completely through tex LaTeX instead latex of being determined chiefly by a tex BibTeX style file.
  • Prosper - A LaTeX class for writing transparencies. Sourceforge project page with tex CVS access, bug tracker, forums and mailing lists.
  • GASTeX - Allows easy drawing of graphs, automata, nets, and latex diagrams under latex the picture environment of LaTeX.
  • Beamer - LaTeX class designed for creating presentations for display macros with a tex video projector. Includes examples and installation macros details.
  • JadeTeX - Processes the output from Jade/OpenJade in TeX mode. tex Sourceforge project tex page with CVS acces, bug tracker, tex forums and mailing lists.
  • hyperref - Extends LaTeX\\'s internals and adds new commands such that documents with internal and external hypertext links can be produced.
  • parano - Package to implement paragraph numbering in LaTeX documents. Includes project latex information and downloads.
  • AcroTeX - The coming home for the AcroTeX Presentation Bundle latex (available in tex beginning of 06) and the AcroTeX latex eDucation Bundle. Currently only tex containing examples showing the latex features of the bundles.
  • FoilTeX - Document class for producing presentation slides. Includes documentation and download. macros [some licensing restrictions]
  • BioTeX - A project to provide LaTeX extensions for biochemists and (molecular) tex biologists. Offers information and downloads for the TeXshade and TeXtopo tex packages.

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