Macros TeX Typesetting Software

Document classes, macros, styles and other files to customise TeX and related software for particular publications.

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See Also:
  • PSTricks - Access PostScript capabilities inside (La)TeX, by Timothy van macros Zandt. Site contains documentations, bugs list, and examples macros of application.
  • Springer Journals TeX and LaTeX Packages - Includes packages for Acta Informatica, Archive for Mathematical macros Logic, Distributed macros Computing, Inventiones mathematicae, manuscripta mathematica, Mathematical macros Programming, Mathematische Annalen, Mathematische macros Zeitschrift, Numerische Mathematik, Probabilit
  • MusiXTeX - Created by Daniel Taupin, Ross Mitchell, and Andreas Egler, the typesetting package offers a set of macros and fonts that enables typesetting TeX to typeset music.
  • Xy-pic - A free package for typesetting graphs and diagrams in LaTeX, macros AMS-TeX and Plain TeX using the principle of logical composition macros of visual components. Presentation, samples and download.

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