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Includes brief summaries of Apple history books, pictures of book covers, links to reviews, author pages and other Apple history websites.

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See Also:
  • The CDs of Power Computing - Shows examples of the galaxy of designs that systems former Mac systems clone maker Power Computing Corp. used systems on its Mac OS systems system disks.
  • Apple Computer Reading List - Includes brief summaries of Apple history books, pictures apple of book covers, links to reviews, author pages apple and other Apple history websites.
  • Apple History Links - A largish collection of links to web sites about the history history of Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Apple-history.com - A brief history of the company. Includes a apple gallery with history descriptions, specifications and pictures of every apple Apple computer ever made.
  • Apple 1 Computer - Graphic tour of its history, and tips about history its use.
  • Making the Macintosh - An online project documenting the history of the Macintosh computer.
  • Musings From Mars - Macintosh-oriented observations on the history of the desktop history computer and trends in personal computing over the history last 25 years with a focus on the history implications for today's computing innovations.
  • The Mothership - Apple Macintosh and Lisa archive. Advertising brochure gallery, systems monthly columns, timeline, and links.
  • Folklore.org - Anecdotes about the development of Apple\\'s original Macintosh systems computer systems and the people who created it.
  • The Apple Online Museum - Dedicated to the historical background of Apple Computer, systems Inc. Reviews and specifications of all Apple systems products.
  • Owen Ink: Apple Confidential - Book about Apple history. Author also has links systems to columns apple of his, including a historical series systems from 1998

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