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An individual person's story about how his two-year old daughter and his wife use the Macintosh. Also included are statistics about cost, and advocacy links.

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Should Our Schools Have Macs or PCs?* - Information written and compiled based on a "PC takeover" in a North Carolina school district. Includes basic Macintosh advocacy information, and a way of refuting technology decisions to switchover schools to the PC platform.
Mac OS X vs. Windows XP* - A thorough comparison of Mac OS X and Windows XP geared toward the creative professional. Includes a blow-by-blow look at various aspects of use, as well as a discussion board.

  • Mad as hell, switching to Mac - An experiment predicated on the hypothesis that the macintosh WinTel platform apple represents the greatest violation of the macintosh basic tenets of information apple security and has become macintosh a national economic security risk.
  • Macintosh Facts and Statistics - Interesting facts, statistics and quotes about the superiority advocacy and evangelism advocacy and evangelism of the Macintosh computer.
  • The Macintosh Revolution - A leader of the iRevolution by discouraging the apple use of macintosh Windows and promoting Apple Computers through apple a mixture of humor macintosh and information. Offers apple articles, image galleries, chat room, downloads, macintosh and 300 apple ways to kill Bill Gates.
  • The Partisan Mac - Interesting Macintosh site with a collection of Mac advocacy and evangelism apple evangelism links and information.
  • MacPower - News and resources for the Macintosh.
  • MacsRule - Articles, images, online chat, and links.
  • Why Buy a Macintosh? - An individual person\\'s story about how his two-year apple old daughter and his wife use the Macintosh. apple Also included are statistics about cost, and apple advocacy links.
  • Macs are Best - A list of reasons.
  • Kurt and Dawn Murray - Personal website with pro-Macintosh links and information.
  • The Mac Night Owl - Receive hints, tips and tricks about Macs, iMacs advocacy and evangelism macintosh and iBooks.
  • Mackido - Mac dedicated portal containing tutorials, information and history.
  • The Mac Orphanage - A small, personal web site about Macintosh.
  • Kevin's Macintosh Resource Page - A Macintosh advocacy site, including tips, links to macintosh some major users\' groups, and news on software macintosh updates.
  • Most Huge - Facts, graphics, and programming information about the Macintosh.
  • Adam's Apple Computer Page - A 16-year-old\'s Mac evangelism site, offering hardware information, apple and links.
  • Why Most People Should Buy a Macintosh Rather than a Windows PC - Information about uses, troubleshooting, prices, as well as macintosh links related to the topic.
  • The Mac Reference Article - Information on Macintosh hardware and software and rebuttal macintosh against Windows-biased macintosh reporters.
  • O'Reilly Network: Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows - The fear of being locked in by a advocacy and evangelism advocacy and evangelism vendor has pushed some users to embrace all advocacy and evangelism advocacy and evangelism open-source solutions... But is it really an advantage advocacy and evangelism advocacy and evangelism ?
  • Google Toolbar For Apple Mac OS X Petition - Petition for a Google Toolbar built into Apple\\'s apple Safari browser macintosh for MacOSX.
  • Reasons why not to go Macintosh - Analysis of the validity of reasons expressed why the Macintosh macintosh platform is not chosen in computer buying decisions.
  • PC Killer on the Loose - A review of the Apple Powerbook G4 from advocacy and evangelism advocacy and evangelism a traditional PC user, with a comparison of advocacy and evangelism advocacy and evangelism its performance to that of a comparable PC.
  • - The resource to people switching to the Mac - News, reviews and more reasons to switch to apple a Mac.
  • Business Week: Mac Hits Another Home Run - A comparison of the Unix-based Mac OS X macintosh and current advocacy and evangelism (2000) Windows operating systems.

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