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This site is managed by Scorpian Research and provides information and source code for things like the Appearance Manager, and Speech Manager.

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FutureBASIC Home Page* - This powerful Macintosh BASIC programming environment is now freeware. It compiles PPC, 68k, or Carbon OS X applications and includes a built in debugger. This BASIC development environment has full access to the Mac toolbox allowing you to do just about

  • FutureBASIC Notes - These notes highlight the keywords, constants, and functions futurebasic of FutureBASIC. futurebasic These notes were developed for quick futurebasic review. They are organized futurebasic by topic. The concept futurebasic is that if you are looking futurebasic for something, futurebasic reading through the FB manual is too slow futurebasic futurebasic and the
  • FutureBASIC WebRing - List of web sites containing FutureBASIC related material.
  • FutureBASIC Developer Corner - This site is managed by Scorpian Research and languages provides information and source code for things like languages the Appearance Manager, and Speech Manager.
  • FutureBASIC in Europe - Dedicated to the support of FutureBASIC in Europe. Information and resources for programmers.
  • Derek Smith's FB Page - FB page with a bunch of open source languages projects, a number of examples of neat stuff languages like USB probing and using the Game Sprockets, languages and a couple of add-on libraries for FB.
  • Universal Binary Compiler for FB - This freeware program converts your FutureBASIC source code to C languages code and then compiles it using GCC. It can compile languages code to PowerPC apps or Universal Binary apps.
  • Tedd Sperling's FB Code Page - Learn how to make your FB application into a OS futurebasic X bundled application. There are also source code downloads for futurebasic sorting, line drawing, and text rotation.
  • FB Pouch - Excellent searchable FB site contains help and code snippets for futurebasic all sorts of stuff.
  • Artly There's FutureBasic Page - Several cool programming utilities and examples including bezier curves, and basic sliders. Most of them include source code written in FutureBASIC basic II and/or FutureBASIC 3.
  • FutureBASIC in Italy - Point of meeting for all the Italian programmers futurebasic of FutureBASIC for Macintosh.

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