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A few plugins, programs and what have you, including an Apple Event resource reader and a Claris Emailer nug reader.

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REALbasic Object Oriented Cross Platform BASIC* - Object-oriented BASIC programming language. REALbasic is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. Designed for both beginners and professionals. Compiles and connects to SQL databases.

  • REALbasic University - Offers a series of tutorials ending 2003.
  • Monkeybread Software - Free source code for movie players, and jpeg languages decoders.
  • RealBasic Web-Ring - A means for REALbasic (or RB, as we languages call it basic fondly) programmers of all levels and languages ages to view each basic other\\'s sample code, share languages demos, and locate information on REALbasic basic in a languages timely fashion, as well as allow the entire basic languages xbasic community further means of co
  • Really Basic REALbasic - Forums mainly for beginners, with introdution to the basic IDE and realbasic tutorials, and to post announcements about basic new projects or recently realbasic released programs.
  • RealStuff - Home of the Infinity project, a suite a realbasic RealBasic-made web basic programs, and Project X, a Hotline/Carracho realbasic successor.
  • RB-MPW Plug-ins Kit - This site is for developers who want to realbasic use Apple\'s MPW to compile REALbasic plug-ins.
  • Developer @ Chaotic Box - REALbasic Plugins, Classes, & Projects - Open source REALbasic projects and plugins geared towards games and multimedia application development.
  • REALbasic Tutorial - Beginning to Program the Mac with REALbasic. This realbasic is a languages 9 lesson online tutorial on RB realbasic programming. Great place for languages beginners of REALbasic to realbasic get started.
  • Thomas Tempelmann REALbasic tips and demos - Provides a lot of useful extensions and sample languages code for basic REALbasic programmers. All for free languages and with source code.
  • RealBasic Developer Network - Community site for REALBasic developers. Free code repository. User annotated basic code and language reference. News and articles for rb programmers.
  • Christian BRUNEL's Home - A few plugins, programs and what have you, including an Apple Event resource reader and a Claris Emailer nug reader.
  • REALbasic Garage - Code, classes, applications and information on REALbasic programming. Site available realbasic in English and Italian.
  • Einhugur Software - A commercial company who sell RealBasic library interfaces languages that allow realbasic you to use the advanced features languages of MacOS. Libraries realbasic allow you use things languages such as QuickDraw, Memory managers and realbasic so on.
  • Alfred van Hoek's Realbasic Plugins - Numerous Realbasic plugins including HTMLrendering and NavFolderitem. Also basic some developer tools such as RB Plugin Plunger basic and MongoToDCon.

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