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Message boards, discussion groups and mailing lists about Commodore computers. Active ones only.

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  • PETSCII Forums - Discussion boards for TelBBS, Quantum Link Reloaded, Secret Society of Commodore Coders, DTVHacking, and Retrobits podcast.
  • Yahoo! Groups : classiccommodore - Open to all who wish to preserve the chats and forums systems knowledge of classic Commodore VIC20/C64/128 line of computers.
  • cbm-hackers - Searchable archives of a mailing list devoted to commodore programming the chats and forums Commodore line of 8-bit computers.
  • Vintage Computer Forums - Commodore - Discussion board for everything Commodore from the PET to the Amiga.
  • Retrohackers Forum - Discussion boards for software development as well as network, storage and cartridge hacking.
  • Retroputing: Commodore Computers - Commodore discussion board.
  • Forum - Commodore computers discussion, buy/sell/giveaway, events, BBS listings.

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